Tl;dr : Exploration of the Frozen Forest around the newly cleared ZHT portal went carefully, with no injuries. The group hunted a herd of reindeer with some newly made sabre-toothed tiger friends. An ancient druid circle was discovered and ruins with mentions of a terrible disease. Adventuring tip : Cold-weather clothes aren’t just for winter.

Session Title : Chapter 03 The Frozen Forest
Session Date : 18 April 2021 @ 17:00 UTC
Session DM : Waylander
“Cartographer”, “Chronicler”, and “Scout” Barry (Cleric 1, Fighter1)
“Trailblazer” Bloom (Druid 3, Barbarian 1)
“Leader” Seldrius (Paladin 1, Warlock 1)
Stonks Jr. (Barbarian 1)

Barry and group gathered at inn in Port Mirandia. Barry heard new place to explore. We went to temple with portal. We select new place called ZHT. Barry not like portal. Portal really not like Bloom. Barry and group arrive. It very cold here. We go west.

Barry and group find shallow stream. Light snow storm start. Follow stream northeast then cross. Snow make hard to see, we slow movement to explore. Barry hear tree fall. Barry and group go find tree, find creatures by tree cutting it. Barry think they orcs and wargs.

Orcs say from Frozen Blades tribe, names Greg and Zick. They say nearest mountains called Cold Shield. Orcs ask us about us, then portal. Barry not know good answer. Barry ask where they from and they point southwest say village far. They go that way. Barry and group go east.

Barry and group make camp for night, see tracks of animals. Before night, animals come out and Bloom talk. Barry see three Sabre-toothed Tigers. Bloom give food. Bloom then say we go with tiger. Barry not understand but go. Tiger find reindeer herd.

Barry, group and tiger hunt reindeer. Kill four. Drag back to tiger home. Find frozen body buried in snow while dragging. Barry sleep. Bloom woke Barry up to see lots of white kobolds carrying stuff, pass to the south. Barry then sleep, do watch then sleep more. Night finished.

Barry and group go northwest. Forest get thinner and Barry find ice blocks of humanoids. They seem frozen in fear with heavy ice upon them. Maybe other group can help, but not Barry and group this day. Barry and group go west.

Bird Stonks Jr. chirp to big white owls. They chirp back. This continue. Barry annoyed. Stonks Jr. take rocks from ground and makes circle, point west, hold four feather up. Barry think he mean mile, but also think Stonks Jr. addled. Bloom start chirping. More chirping. Barry very annoyed.

Barry and group go west. Find stone circle. Each stone has different moon phase, one has word Bloom says “Moonwind” written in druidic. Bloom clear stone, find more word. Bloom say this ancient druid meeting place, they worship Moon and Moonwind. Warnings of shadows and creepy things in the land. Long time ago, there was a Maiden, a Sapphire and an Ally, story worn from rock by time. Bloom says sacred place.

Barry and group go northeast. Find trace of big creature with brown fur. We try to camp for night but huge humanoid carrying brown furred creature approach. Then scary yell. We move away to set camp.

Barry sleep, then watch. Cold weather, Barry happy we made lean-to. Barry wake Bird Stonks Jr. then sleep. Cold morning.
Barry and group go east. Barry sees ruins here and further northeast. Barry and group explore ruins here. Frozen tower with base of four pillars and blades. Barry find frozen door in ceiling. Stonks Jr thaw door with torch. Inside are two decayed skeleton. Writing found say “The weeping death come for all of us, there is no hope”. We leave.

Barry and group go east. Barry find tomestone, say “Gerkar Murmtim, loved father and friend”. Date says died three years ago. Near tomestone was house. Bloom knock, no answer. Bloom try force door. Door blocked inside. We leave.

Barry and group go southeast. Barry only see bear and we ignore each other. We go back to area with saber-toothed tiger. On way we see large group of hobgoblin. Barry and group try to hide but they see and charge. Barry and group run and run. Bloom talk to tiger but we keep run.

We run to the portal and put in FOT. Tired Barry and group make through portal. No one hurt. Barry and group go to Port Mirandia and finish adventure. Barry want ale, sleep, then more ale. More sleep. Barry think you get idea.