TLDR: upon traveling to the location of that portal, we finally came face to…hood with the “Master” (Destras father). Fought three trolls and we killed them all while the hooded figure gets away. We visited Destra on our way back to Port Meridia. 

DM: omelette

Date: Aug 12-Aug 27

Levels: 5-9


  • Beralt: bugbear blood hunter, lvl 5 (Espada) LEADER
  • Galli: rock gnome invention wizard, lvl 5 (tiffthatsit)
  • Yusung: Kor stars druid, lvl 7 (calmseeker)
  • Alessio: human multiclass (battle master fighter, cleric, rouge), lvl 8 (naiiz)
  • Kad: mountain dwarf multiclass (barbarian, theif rogue), lvl 7 (qarlynd)
  • Vivi: gloomy one shikahla draconic bloodline scorcer, lvl 7 (konopa)

Day 1: potted plant tavern

Met up with Merula’s goblin friend and gave him details of our last mission…he exclaimed that Merula hasn’t woken up from her slumber.After meeting new friends we gathered and hit the road back to the portal…I’m not excited. Last time, I almost lost Beralt. And we did lose Critter and Herogenn last mission…it’s going to be a tough one. The weather turned bad on our travels and we ended up somewhere near a tower guarded by two very interesting characters; not real chatty. Still I played them some flute anyways.

Day 2:

In the morning, the storm was past and we hit the trail, coming quickly upon a carriage stuck in the mud. We stopped to help, he was carrying a “Lady Grace” and an identical statue to her father in Port Mirandia. further down we ran into the goblin camp we’ve talked to several missions now. Beralt proceeds to chat with them.

-goblin camp (located at BP59)

As we are through talking with them we continue our travel uninterrupted. Upon setting in for the night watches go by fine except for during second watch. Alessio wakes us when he sees a few figures starting to surround us. There appears to be some kind of magical shroud that makes it hard to see them to some of our party members, Yusung and Kad. They continue East. During third watch, Vivi notices the same thing as the previous watch but he decides to step into the shroud to further his understanding. We decided to leave the little pocket dimension be for now but keep it in our minds if we should need to revisit the subject. Very odd thing to just be out in the woods randomly.

Day 3: full day of travel

We travel on to our destination and arrive right as sunset hits. During Kad’s watch, first watch, he hears an odd noise. As we wake at the sound of Kad’s whip, we see eight ghoul like creatures coming towards us! What a night!! Upon hitting them with fire we find they are completely immune but Vivi hits them with a fireball turned ice and takes out six of them in one shot! The other two follow shortly after from our fellow group members. Looking around the bodies after they are all completely dead we find an arm band with “AFK” on them. The rest of the night passes by without anymore undead monsters. In the morning it appears that the places that the ghouls had exploded and spilt acid around was now covered in mushrooms…I’m pretty sure I know who is responsible for this attack!

Acid ghouls (8)

Day 4: BW61

We are turned into gaseous clouds by Yusung and we float around to get a clouds eye view of the area. I see something blue that wasn’t there before and guess who it is! Our friends that live in the mushroom house! Fancy seeing them here. He was going on and on about something to do with the Master and anchors, I started looking around the mushroom house, it’s locked and blinds are drawn. I’m starting to feel something about Cleric, suspicion. Suddenly we start to feel something, magical pressure forming. It’s the doorway opening!!! I’ll update soon, right now, gotta hide.

cleric- elderly gnome lives in mushroom house

We witnessed a hooded figure step out, open another doorway and then greet the Alchemist before stepping into another portal, which stays open. Yusung conjures an elemental to accompany us and Beralt takes the lead into the portal with our elemental friend.

unknown hooded figure (believed to be the Master/Destras father)

Inside we find ourselves a maze of different rooms and we find the Alchemist. We defeat him, finding a journal which contains writing about whether he’s real or not; note that for future thought. After some time in the same place Beralt and I were in when we found our dead friends, Critter and Herogenn. Inside a room next to that we find these three unknown people, one of which is the hooded figure.

Alchemist true form

After some back and forth about them killing us, the hooded one is talking telepathically, he stuns Beralt and Kad with a psychic booming voice. They are wanting Destra and us to bring her there, we will not. They fade from this dimension at the same time as releasing three trolls! You know what happened with trolls last time. My new Slow spell really did a number on them but with their handy regeneration ability it takes us a bit to get them downed. Vivi really wallops with his spells and Beralt did a fair amount of damage with his sword! We end up finding a potion of Frost Giant Strength and lots of gold for the party. On our way out, the Alchemist is now a cracked clay statue, note that for future.

Day 5: we’re headed to Destra, but first the travel there

Day 6: we have arrived at Destras

Upon reaching her tree, her guard is out front. We enter and find her in her usual place, her tree looking as it should. She does mention something about clay statues which I thought was very interesting.

Destras Guard

She does mention that her father was trying to make a perfect copy of her mother, very interesting. She also informed us about what could be happening to Merulas legs; her father injects gold and silver at the same time to control people. She thinks the only way to get rid of it is to cut it out…she heeds is a warning that with the appearance of her father means her siblings will be soon to follow, so I’m gonna work in my notes.

Future notes:

  • 3/9 anchors remain
  • Check out dwarf farm
  • Be aware of Destras siblings
  • Father is making clay replicas that are sentient of people