Todays Party consisted of
Oxalis, Tenfoll’at, Zerdan, and Marcus Wellspring

Farmer elicits help to plead with some “ladies” to help his farm grow

Headed out to negotiate with said “Ladies”

Headed West Noticed a Farmhouse? Reinforced with Buttresses. Estate belongs to a Fiery Redhead by the name of Edith Montiar? (spelling is unknown)

Heading west following a blood trail, came across a scorched clearing devoid of snow, 4 of 5 individuals we were following laid as now skeleton remains, armor melted to them. . . A ring of glyphs surrounded a pair of boot prints. Our wizard Tenfoil was unable to determine what the runes would do.

Eventually we discovered the location of the ladies Roxanna and Ilene? Once again I do not know how to spell their names. It is my suspicion that these ladies attempted to drug us, However their demeanor left it hard to know if they indeed meant to drug our party or if it was an accident, while we waited for Zerdan to wake up we witnessed several quicklings dragging dead bodies into a glowing green pool. . .

As we left I began to suspect that these ladies might be of bad fey.

It should be noted that the Farmer is giving up his baby daughter so that his crops will grow. . .

Choosing to let the ladies be we left their abode and headed back to the farmer.

A large Oak surrounded by evergreens, called our attention due to the lack of snowfall that happened within the circle. Upon further investigation we saw a white rabbit which then melded into the tree. Upon entering the circle it was discovered that time seemed to move slower within the circle. -Recommendation upon seeing such a circle if you wish to investigate be sure your party can pull you out.