Oh my gosh. So, this was quite the exciting scouting trip east.  A party was put together to scout east as it has been a while since the battle of White Moon Cove, and we wanted to see how far the gnolls may have expanded out as well as check on our allies the Jub Jubs.

 We set out it was largely uneventful for most of the day though we did come across some very interesting-looking mages.  It was two women, one smaller and floating beside the other.  They stated something along the lines of that we were early and one of our party was “the one” which is strange. Then they just left. They left behind some concentric rings on the ground and after much discussion and thinking from our most intelligent party it seemed like some sort of localized teleporting type of magic.  Most intriguing, I wonder if they would teach me.

A few hours after that we found a body of a Tiefling on the side of the road.  It was very fresh.  As we were deciding what to do, we heard the screams of battle in some nearby ruins.  We took off to investigate and found two dead guards as well as some crazy flame creatures.  Which really sucked for me as I am most proficient with flames and logically, it makes sense flames would not bother them that much and might even heal them!  It was mostly flaming people like creature before a whole column of flame appeared and seemed to be able to do magic!  We had almost defeated them before they also poofed out and we heard “our time now is done. I will continue my mission” leaving us singed but alive.  Before the poofed out though it almost seemed as if time stood still for a few seconds.  Time magic would be most intriguing if that existed.  I must do more studying into the matter.  We did find a note on one of the dead guards that was written following:

“The Gnoll have turned to infighting and have given up White Moon Cove to the Kobolds.  The Talos have abandoned them it seems, or at least no where to be seen.  The Peltwearers took the worst of it.  Strange people seem to be roaming around, friend or foe?”

This is vital information to hopefully regain White Moon Cove one day. If they are no longer a coalition it might be easier to take them out group by group.

We continued our scouting the next day and we were greeted by a male Tabaxi.  He spoke out someone along the lines of “Tora amunday” which no one understood.  He also stated that we were too early, and he was going to test us.  After he made those statements, he poofed out and were immediately attacked by a variety of creatures.  There was something invisible running around and once the weaker creatures were largely taken care of, the invisible individual appeared and knocked poor Gritters down.  Once one of us was unconscious this individual poofed out as well.  We brought Gritters back as quickly as we could and discussed what just happened.  It seemed like some sort of test of our tactics, not really an attempt on killing our party. We headed back after that deciding we had vital information to share.  This island gets stranger and stranger.  Isn’t it fascinating!