Gathering at the The Bitter Dwarf




Leader: Faenoa | 7 Fighter, 1 Wizard

Scout :  Bardy | 6 Bard | 1 Cleric



Trailblazer:  Gau | 5 Druid

Chronicler & Cartographer: Griters | 5 Wizard

Cober | 8 Wizard 1 Cleric

Tenfoll’at | 5 Wizard, 1 Warlock

Mission: Explore west of Ruined Oak in search of beasts and adventure.

A River of Experience

Griters Pebblefinger journal entry 11:

Part 1-

We got to the river west of Ruined Oak and Bardy heard a croaking and we went to check it out. As we arrived we saw a lone frog on a rock and Gau got close to the bank of the river to talk to it. He can do that… he sounds very weird, but I think it works. Anyway as he did that a Crocodile made his way to attack Gau, but he put it under a spell and it let him pet it. 

With a bit more inspection we found some ducks a bit farther north up the river and another predator hunting the ducks…. a rather large snake. Cober used a trick of his people and the snake became his friend and we got the ducks away safely. As we were leaving Faenoa saw a rather grumpy turtle that would try to snap at your fingers until Gau offered it some food. 

We left the river area and went back to the road to head to the outpost and we discovered a sword on the ground. Gau always curious picked it up and in an instant he grew like 4 inches, he got some stuble on his face and his voiced was deeper. The magic was no longer on the sword after Gau touched it, but it is very strange for soeone to just leave that lying around. 

Bobson's Funeral Pyre

Part 2-

As we arrived at the outpost we saw a rather large fire burning and all the gaurds standing outside around it. We inquired what this was for and they explained Bobson was killed by a large birdlike creature and his dying wish was to have his ashes returned to the wild.  We inquired about where this happened and they showed us on the map it was by the turn in the road near the mountians. We told them we would take a look and check it out for them. We paid our gold for the night a gaurds kept us informed of what was around the fort incase we had to help out. 

Night was rather uneventful… I think Gau chased some camels but came back rather soon. We left early the next morning and headed west on the road. 

Falling Rocs... Soaring Eagles

Part 3 –

On our way to the site of Bobson’s murder we saw some dinosaurs and Gau again wanted to make friends… Gau has some very good senses because these dinosaurs were being hunted by a sabertooth tiger. Gau saved these dinos by sendsing them away and making the tiger his friend. Gau however ran out of rations and he borrowed ours to keep him friendly.

We left the tiger to his own devices and continued towards the site of Bobson’s demise. Bardy hear some screeching and we headed into the hills to see the sounds. We saw two large bird things attacking an eagle. Gau rushed forward and went to save the eagle. Spells were fired swords were drawn and we distracted the Young Rocs and the Roc away from the eagle and onto us. Cober turned the Roc into a fish and we buried it after we knocked the other two Rocs down. Bardy healed the eagle and then we heard a grouping  of wings and swooping down to us was a group of giant eagles. 

The Eagle told us his name was Aquilius and that we saved his grandson Edgeworth. Aquilius also informed us that someone stole an egg from them and he would like us to return it to them. He also informed us that Rocs have been causing issue at The Way and we might see more of them around the mountians. We found the tracks heading north from the eagles nest and headed on our way. 

Just Do Not Invite Them In

Part 4 –

We broke up a fight between a polar bear and an allosaurus who told us they smelled an egg and something dangerous  a bit farther north. We arrived where the tracks turned east towards the woods and saw a lion hunting some wild horses who were quickly fleeing interror from the predator. Gau was moving closer to the lion as the puddles of water began to ripple and we heard thundering steps… the lion and horses ran immediately as we hid in the grass.  When we saw a terrifying image of a very damagerous predator.

Gau’s magic is very powerful and he calmed the T Rex down and directed towards other food sources that were not us. We had figured this was a good as spot as any to make camp for the night and head east towards the egg. However as luck might have it three figures decided to come towards our hut. However tehse figures were not quite alive… as I have become used to is that some dead things can walk again like Cobers Oz’s.

The spawn was accompanied by a Wight and a Gorgon and Faenoa stood toe to toe with the vampire spawn while Bardy caused the others to hear voices in their heads and Tenfoil kept them moving slowly as the skeletal army took aim with thier arrows. With all thread dead things dead again we found the eagles egg in their possession as well as some other things. Not too soon after this encounter we saw a carriage pulled by two flaming black horses.

The carriage pulled right up to the tiny hut and two more vampire like creatures stepped out. It was an earl and his butler. Blueford the butler opened the door for the Earl Sitaris and he said we killed a creature he was tracking and thanked us for helping him uknowingly. He also said that we might be able to help him in a future endevour to regain control of his lake house from a rival vampire named Brandino. They used to be friends and then people changed and while Sitaris was on the mainland Brandino made the lake house his home.Honestly this is why you just do not invite them inside… they can’t take root in your home to begin with.

He showed us the lake house’s general area… I can only assume thjat this lakehouse can rove and roam since he did not give us an exact location. Anyway this is something to look to in the future for sure.

The Road Back To Ruined Oak

Part 5-

Waking up the next day we decided our time in the country side had run its course and we headed back towards Ruined Oak. We pushed ourselves pretty hard to reach the Outpost and then the next day we took the road home and saw some flying beasts but did not really follow them and just moved toward The Bitter Dwarf to get some relaxation in the protection of our town.