Gathering at The Bitter Dwarf

DM: Geo


Leader: Faenoa | 7 Fighter  2 Wizard

Trailblazer: Bardy | 1 Cleric 7 Bard


Scout: Shrieker | 5 Ranger


Cartographer: Gau | 6 Druid

Chronicler: Griters | 6 Wizard

Marcus | 6 Cleric

Astray | 1 Rogue 5 Warlock

Zugall | 5 Fighter

Mission: Deliver the package to  Port Mirandia without using portal travel.

On the Way to the Outpost

Griters Pebblefinger journal entry 14 :

Day 1-

 We left Ruined Oak following the road to Port Mirandia hoping to make itto the outpost with out much trouble. For the most part this was true. At the crossroads before the stone bridge we found what was left over from a bloody battle between soliders and gnolls. We began to look the battlefield over and it looked picked clean of anything useful. That is when we heard what sounded like a group approaching from the south west of the cross roads.

We first saw a burrowing dogling creature, followed by a worm, centepede looking thing and then some crablike things followed. We took the defending oursevles as Gau informed us they belived we are food. They battle did not last long as tehy seemed to be scavengers looking to feast on the corpses. Near the end of the battle a two headed cow decided to charge at Bardy. With all the creatures subdued we headed west to the outpost with out further delays.

We spent the night at the outpost after informing the gaurds stationed there on what we found on the road. The men were hoping the gnolls were not up this far already.  We woke the next morning heading out to finish our delivery knowing we had at least four more days ahead of us.

Mysterious Tower and the Abandoned Cottage

Day 2 –

Taking the road west we saw a strange tower and ecided we should check it out. As we approached we noticed it was gaurded and we started upa conversation about the place. The gaurds seemed a bit confused that we said this placed just appeared. We asked to speak to the person who owned this tower and then this man appeared name Danny Voy with his familiar Manny. He told us that his protections were down and this is how we were able to see his tower. He is an astronomer and likes to use is giant telescope to look to the stars and see over great distances.  Apparently Danny Voy has a Brother named Todd Wiggle esq. who is an adventurer. He had some interesting information for us as well

1. The Swollen Tooth Inn has a large crab roaming around by its parts. Not like the one we saw in the crossroads yesterday either.

2. He said he hasseen the same Chronomancy symbols in this area that we saw on the road to JubJub’s 

3. The area of the Ice Queen has been having rather bright lights in the area that have been interfering with his viewing of the stars and he claims it is unnatural. 

We left Danny Voy and his tower and continued on our way with plenty of daylight ahead of us. As it neared night time we found an abandoned cottage we felt might be a place we could sleep to avoid the cold. We entered and checked it out… it was three floors and on the first we found some cows who Gau told us had the same idea of avoiding the cold. Me and Shrieker went up some stairs and we ran into these flying gremlin like creatures while Faenoa encountered a wierd man. Me and Shrieker took out three of the four gremlin things as Faenoa fought with the man. I left Shrieker to handle the last one and headed to the other commotion. 

Faenoa actually tried to not attack the man, but he swung at her and that is a no no in her book. The fight continued and out of the walls came some giant horseflies. That grappled Zugall and tried to drop him back to the first level, but Bardy had feather fall on the ready. Astray and myself burnt the bugs with some magic, but Faenoa had another visitor as she was dealing with the man. he called her Momma.

Faenoa cast thunderwave but this house was old and floor went out from under her.  With her a level below the creatue and the man decided to run off into the night and escaped to the Whispering Woods. We searched the rest of the place and decided to sleep here for the night. Nothing came to us in the place maybe the surrounding area knew about Momma and they stayed away.

Rehope Shopping Stop ... Followed by Vongrimath's Ambush

Day 3 –

We made our way farther north and eventually arrived at Rehope Trading Post. Gau was really excited as was Shrieker and Faenoa. We spent some time looking at the goods. Gau got a lot of rations, while Shrieker and Faenoa grabbed some special ammunition for their bows.  We left as we had much farther to travel and it was early in the day.  We stumbled upon a poor soul who ran into a basilisk and was left turned to stone pointing towards the tracks. Wanting to make good time and none of us able to help this person we decided to keep traveling and  bit farhter north we heard some weird moans.

This mummy was in our path and instead of take chances we just fired away with some arrows. It toppeled over very quickly, but that is when we realized it was more than just one… Isn’t always. Three turban wearing zombies came racing towards us as well as some skeletal minotaurs and some wierd skeleton made of jaw bones. It was very mouthy.  I senta fireball into a group of them and the  turban wearing ones seemed unphased by it at all. They also seemed to sap the water from your body and increase your need for water. This is when the mummy rose again and we realized we may have been slightly out numbered. 

This is when Bardy decided it was time to get a bit offensive and tried to hurl a fireball towards them but his spell was countered and we could not see who managed to do that. They did yell something about Vongrimath’s Army. At this point Marcus decide to call on Ilamter and turned the creatures away from us. Those that resisted his god we brought down rather quickly. At this point we heard a booming voice and some people had strange visions, but the threats were gone. We traveled a bit more before finding a giant maze and a sign that read ” DANGER DEMI-LICH AHEAD! Proceed at own peril!” We having a job to do decided this was a place to visit another day. Only about midday we moved forward.

As night approached found some ruins we deemed as suitable shelter. We found writing in Sylvan on the walls. ” May the land of the tabaxi stay strong forever” We slept with no real distrubances. Gau however did find a a sign that read “Stien Conclave for Good Mead” 

Boots in the Snow Fish Eye in the Water

Day 4 –

Traveling a farther northwest we found this Inn or place of rest called “Stien’s Conclave” it is the place with the mead. Apparently the group who built the road this way promised them a sugar delivery… which we are no reinded of. They want more than sugar though any spices to make the meals taste better.

We spoke with Stien and his hired gaurd. They informed us a usual patron Halgard Stoneyfist had not arrived yet and she was usually drunk by the time we arrived and spending more gold on drinks. Stien asked us to look out for her on the roads. 

Stien                                                   Hired Gaurd

We left and we no sooner did that we found a pair of upside down boots in the snow. Gau dug them out and it just happened to be a dwarven lady… the one late for her usual drinking. She thanked us and went on her way to get her early morning drinking on. We traveled to just past the stone bridge and saw some of the Fish Eye Clan out on the frizen river ice fishing and some of the others at the bridge. Gau gave themsome of his precious rations and we proceeded north to Port Mirandia.

Arrival at The Potted Plant

Day 5 –

We trudged on… I think we are all now really greatful for portal travel.  The adventures being fun and all can be very taxing and it started to weigh on us as Faenoa and myself got into some fiesty conversation. We saw some ruins off in the distance and Gau recalled some warningshe read about. The Fish Eye claim that only death comes from those ruins. We decided much like the maze… another time when we had pressing buisness to handle. This part of the travel was quite peaceful. We ran into the home of some farmers who packed upfor the winter and moved to Port Mirandia… a thing most of us agreed that we should be doin as well. The roads were quiet and we returned safely. Delivering the box to the portal guru so he could experiment.