Gathering at The Potted Plant



Leader: Zugall | 7 Fighter

Trailblazer: Marcus | 8 Cleric


Scout: Balthier | 6 Rogue


Cartographer: Yatari | 9 bard

Chronicler: Lysing | 9 Sorcerer


Griters | 7 Wizard


Mission: Train the new recruits for the Port Mirandia new Militia Defense building.

Self Defense, Archery, Tactics and Hygiene

Griters Pebblefinger journal entry 17 :

Day 1-3-

We arrived at the the Training Facility and were greeted by Rotdan the head of the gaurd captian. We were each assigned two recruits to be responsible for. The archers and the frontliners both had trainers as well. The melee are trained by Tybek and the archers trained by Katselle.

   Rotdan                                                 Tybek                                                 Katselle

I was in charge of two of the archers Olivia and Ritael, Yatari had Darryl and Noah while  Lysing was in charge of Blake and Crystal.







Balthier, Marcus and Zugall got put in charge of the hand to hand fighters each was assigned to two as well. Balthier trained Ashley and Carley, Marcus trained Brett and  Benjamin and Zugall trained Isabelle and Davin.







Twelve recruits in all… Candlekeep really splurging. That said we trained them for three full days. Yatari also educated them on the use of soap and water… I rememinded them to use bland, plain soap to not give off a trackable scent and for the ladies to not wear perfume. Balthier offered his recruits rewards if they did better than the other hand to hand fighters. Yatari and Zugall also gave thier “top” student a present. On day two Rotdan informed us of a lot of tracks west of Port Mirandia and they were not from adventuerers or patrols. After the three days of training we planned to put the fresh recruits to work in a real life situation.

Checking on Reports

Day 4 –

We left the training facility looking for the source of the tracks in the plains west of Port Mirandia. It took us a little bit of the day, but eventually we heard a rumbling coming from the north of us. In the distance we saw about six ogres and two worgs… funny thing was some goblins were riding the ogres. Twee never toldme his kind hitch hiked on ogres.

They began to charge towards us as we began to take to action and direct our recruits to act as well. Zugall charged forward cutting the off at a choke point, Marcus supported and moved in slowly, Blathier directed his recruits to flank as he did that very action as well, Lysing called forth a huge ball of wind and lightning , while Yatari and myself chucked some fireballs towards the funnel of the choke point. The archers took pot shots at the ogres and the swordsmen tried to file in and help Zugall.  The goblins all died pretty quickly inside the flames and lightning. The ogres took longer to take down and got some hits in on Zugall and Carly (one of the swordsmen) before we took them down as well.  To me this seemed like a wandering patrol. A group like this was spotted in the Glernn Forest headed towards the mountians. or at least an old log reported this as the case. We rested for he night and demonstrated how to do watches effectively.  Nothing bothered us dring the night and we set off the get the troops back to Rotdan.

Bringing the Recruits Home

Day 5-

 Traveling back we had a minor earthquake on the west side of the bridge. The eruption caused 90 foot deep craters. We decided it best to save this to check out with just tested adventuerers and not trainees for the gaurd in tow. We hustled back to town after this and dropped our charges off to Rotdan. Rotdan handed us the payment for their training and safe return and we all headed to the Potted Plant for a drink and a bath.