Gathering at The Potted Plant

DM: Calmseeker


Leader: Zugall | 7 Fighter


Trailblazer: Glanfath | 7 Barbarian


Scout: Bardy | 1 Cleric 7 Bard


Cartographer: Balthier | 8 Rouge

Chronicler: Griters | 7 Wizard

Marcus | 8 Cleric


Don | 8 Cleric 1 Sorcerer


Mission: StopThe merchant Ottoman wanted us to help protect the trade route in the Small Folk Forest

Fiery Tree Sap

Griters Pebblefinger journal entry 18 :

Day 1-

Ottoman a merhcant and his gaurd Dojeon were attacked a few days ago inside of the Small Folk Forest… well more caught in the middle ofa fight between some Frost Giants and White Dragons. He lost his shipment, but his life was saved bu Dojeon.

Ottoman                                                   Dojeon

Ottoman is requesting us make the area safer for merchants to travel so he can return to get more supplies as well as sell them along the way to Port Mirandia. This is obviously in our best interests and we recently had some dealings with the frost giants and the witch some of them served. We headed out without any real delay along the road next to Glernn Forest. Along the way we found a lone tree that at first looked as if it was bleeding… we realized it was just red sap. 

I detected slight evocation magic on the sap and Balthier and Don collected some in vials. I then identified this sap to have similar qualities to the flame arrow spell. Balthier shot an arrow across the the river to test it out. The rest of the day and night we by smoothly with Bardy helping Zugall hunt and us spending the evening in my greenish dome that protects us from the elements. 

Greppa... Faithful to the Witch Queen

Day 2 –

We reach the bridge near the Fisheye Clan and headed west into the woods. Searching for signs of Giants and Dragons. Not to deep into the woods did we spot a frost giant drinking at a river. Zugall began to move toward him and ask some questions about the area and if they saw any dragons recently. He told Zugall he was here with a partner and they had heard about some fighting deeper into the woods. Apparently that is all the good faith we would get… his partner returned with her yeti companion and she regocnized Zugall as one of the group that killed the witch. She instantly movedto attack Zugall.


The fight was mostly Greppa and Zugall beating on each other while Glanfath took some flanking shots. Myself and Bardy used some funky patterns to keep Thorm and the Yeti mezmorised and out of the fight for the most part… that is until Greppa started pegging rocks at Thorm to wake him up. We kept our focus on Greppa and it took us a bit and some added fire to bring her down. With the damage Greppa did to Thorm for us he also did not last long after she dropped. The yeti  his Glanfath with a cone of cold before being beaten to death with Zugall’s maul.

Silver Shadows

Day 3 –

 As we slept for the night bardy noticed a very large shadow in the sky. He was concerned and rightfully so. It happened to be a dragon… a silver dragon though not a white one. Balthier and Marcus spoke to this magestic creature who was named Argentius. Argentius informed us a silver wyrmling had been taken by the white dragons and he asked us to help him retrive her. 

We agreed in exchanged for a scale that Balthier could give to our druid friend. He agreed but also asked for a lock of hair to be placed on his mirror. It basically made a copy of the person and then it flashed away. 

Nifil a Chief from Yotunheim

Day 4-

Bardy spotted a group of Frost Giants ahead and we took to stealthy postion. We also noticed tehy were waving a flag of parlay according to Zugall who recalled what that flag meant. Bardy and Zugall began a conversation with the group. Their leader Nifil spoke to us about helpig with the dragon issue.


He was also looking for Greppa… we informed him she attacked us and left us no real choice but to kill her and offered him her copper ring in return. He turned it down saying that was her symbol of devotion to the witch queen. He did offer us some information about white dragons, but only if we could best him in a drinking contest. Zugall took the lead here being able to grow to the size of a giant or close to it he could lift the the stien easily.  The contest went seven rounds and Zugall ended up winning. They told us to keep heading west to find the group of white dragons they had seen.

Setos and the Three White Dragons

Day – 5

 We marched on and stumbled upon a dragonborn man with a small silver dragon as his prisoner. As we approached he shouted that more sacrafices have arrived and three white dragons with blue eyes dashed infront of him and blocked our way. Bardy tried to make both him and his hobgoblin friend mezmorised by lights but on the hobgoblin was awestruck. 

Setos                                          Dragons

Glanfath and Zugall charged Setos as I fireballed him and two of his dragons. Balthier took to the rocks and fired from a distance. Don and Marcus provided support as the battle began. Setos quickly crumpled under the assault of Glanfath and Zugall while he dragons just became more deadly. One charged as Balthier the other focused on Marcus while the last was going toe to toe with Glanfath. Spiritual weapons, mind whips, blights and fireballs were use to control these dragons as they all eventually fell. Bardy held the poor hobgoblin under this spell until we could all surround him and take him out. We freed the wyrmling and she stayed with us as we began to travel backto find Argentius. 

The Path Home

Day 6-

Not too long after we started traveling back home did bardy spot Argentius in the sky and he soared down to meet us. We reunited him with the wyrmling and he gave us some fruits and berries from the forest that he said would feed us for the day. We decided to push quickly north up the road being blessed by the elk spirit of Glanfath.  On theway we saw a formation of smaller trees surrounding a large one. 

We decided we had enough adventure for a while and made a note of it on our maps to inspect at a later date. We pushed into Port Mirandia and grabbed a drink at The Potted Plant.