Gathering at The Bitter Dwarf

DM: Tam


Leader: Tenfoll’at | 8 Wizard 1 Warlock

Trailblazer: Kaladin | 5 Cleric


Scout: Nalkris | 7 Warlock


Cartographer: Murdrum | 5 Sorcerer 2 Warlock

Chronicler:  Griters | 8 Wizard 

GarGot | 5 Druid 1 Barbarian

Mission: Get the the mountains in ZHT portal area and see what we can see.

Into the Portal

Day 1-

Apparently a few of us still have not done portal travel. Kaladin, Nalkris and GarGot all needed to be introduced to the portals magic. So we headed to the portal near Ruined Oak placed the stone in and walked through. On the other side Kaladin was a bit colder, but everyone seemed fined as we headed northeast to reach the mountain range.  Traveling we heard some noises that sounded like chanting and upon listening more intently we realized it maybe some sort of ritual. W e moved north to see what it was and as we got closer an arrow flew by Kaladin and Murdrum. Murdrum not being a fan of projectiles being shot in his general direction decided to make the sleet storm around the archer and his friends. 

We heard some flopping and and thuds inside the sleet storm and as the orcs and other creatures stumbled out of the storm we took them down. They made a shelter out of a huge tree trunk and we found some coin inside as well asa few trinkets. We decided to camp shortly after this and used the tiny hut spell to keep warm as it got extremely cold and began to snow really hard at night.  The weather must of ket things away from us as nothing bothered us during the night.

Yaks and Tracks

Day 2- 

Woke up in the morning and moved onward and upward… err northward. GarGot got involved with a herd of animals he called Yaks. They seemed to have a lot of meat on their bones, a good amount of fur and horns on there head. He made friends and said he felt more at one with the breed. 

A little farther north we noticed some rather large tracks heading south east but we decided to try and got farther north. Resting a few miles northeast of those tracks. 

Thinking back we should have investigated these giant tracks, but that can be an adventure for another day.

Blue Mountains & Wolves in the Night

Day 3 –

We decided to travel a little farther east and then turn south. We  came into the low hills of a mountian range that is the color blue.  This land mass is where the dragons and giants might lived that I learned about from the tribe we spoke to in the first exploring of the area. We skirted the side of the range to travel faster down to the protal to return to Ruined Oak.  As night approached we heard some howls of wolves behind us and they seemed to follow us at a distance. 

GarGot wanted to hunt them and when we made camp he tried to do just that. There was a lot more than he thought and he decided to turn around and let them move on their way. Nalkris learned however that they were infact hunting us as he saw them on his watch. HE told us that he killed one by leting it bite him and that made the rest of the pack run off. Weird story, but nothing else bothered us that night.

Retruning to Ruined Oak

Day 4 –

This was our last day in the new lands … well new to us. We continued south  west towards the portal and on the way Gar Got found some more herd animals that ran away from him. We later noticed a large cat stalking thruough the trees. Gar Got wanted a pet to take home, but the large beast wanted nothing to do with him and scratched him up as he tried to wrestle him to the ground. After these antics we traveled to the protal with out much issue and used the stones to travel to Ruined Oak. We did uncover some more of the land around the protal. Finding the Blue Mountain range is an importatn find and we should look to find out how big it actually is soon.

The marking on the updated map is where we saw the giant footprints heading south, south east. I think they were heading into the mountians if I were to make a guess. The area did warm up as we left the forest that surrounds the portal. 

Future Goals

  1.  Explore the Mountain Range
  2. Meet the other three tribes
  3. Pinpoint the area on Katashaka
  4. Contact the Giants