Gathering at The Potted Plant

DM: Neal


Griters | 8 Wizard


Twee | 8 Ranger


Mission: Find where the Sarrukh are and get them out of the mess with the Mhairshaulk

Getting to the Grove

Griters Pebblefinger journal entry 28 :

Day 1-

We met Yarsby in the Potted Plant to get some intel about the Lizardfolk and he surprised us with a meeting with BONEFROG. We were informed the Lizards were in dire need of help and we had little time to act on it. It was now of never and me and Twee agreed to at least go check out the situation. 

BONEFROG was to travel with us and escort us to the grove, while Yarsby informed us this is not a to the death mission, but a see what you can do mission. We grabbed the stones and left anything that might identify us at the guild.  Walking through the portal and popping out at GQE without much knowledge of what to expect. We traveled to through the jungle and overheard a couple humanoids speaking draconic. 

We heard some of their discussion and figured out he Mahir military bids on missions and objectives and one of the most successful in the Lizardfolk activities is called Last Gambit. We used pass without trace and invisbility to sneak by these two sentries and arrived at the grove slightly later.

Discussions with the General

Day 1 –


BONE FROG lead us to a hut and we overheard some disagreement between two lizardfolk. As we approached we were granted entry and saw the two who were arguing about an urgent situation. The two lizardfolk describbed a dire situation in which their existence was at stake being surrounded by the Yuan-Ti. Twee and I strongly suggested that they hold off and break the lines to do more moving as a unit and send their elderly and children to Port Mirandia. They strongly disagreed with us and BONEFROG agreed with them that this attack of the Hill. We were then given an option to help them and take out the scouts to allow the army to arrived unannounced. We agreed to do this since tehy were headstrong to their plan. 

Stalking the Scouts

Day 1

We moved west toward the hill sneaking through the jungle and came upon a small scouting unit. Twee basically killed these guys as i moved forward and we caught them by surprise.  The one did however turn into a snake and try to run from us.

Farther west we were not as lucky and the Yuan-Ti we encountered were not surprised but we still handled this group of three with slightly more difficulty.

The more snakelike female was casting spells at us and was the last of the three to fall. The farther west we traveled the more sturdy the the scouts got. We took a short break here to gather our thoughts and prepare for the last known patrol… And this patrol got the jump on us casting a spell on Twee from the shadows. The spell did not last very long and Twee turned this man into a pin cushion. Unfortantly the next man like him did something to Twee and he passed out and was being dragged away. I killed the one who did that to him but this two headed snake thing and thrid man came from the trees. In a last ditch effort I shook Twee awake and his arrows were enough take these two down with some bonks from my staff.

The unascended looking humans could cast some spell and weilded scimitars. The two-headed snake looking things had a nasty bite and their fangs dripped poison. BONEFROG approached us and informed us the army was on it way and was generally surprised we did our task.

Bloody Tunnel Hill

My abilities were  pretty spent so we could not add to the lizardfolk’s assualt. BONEFROG said it would be best for us the make our exit. I summoned phantom steeds  for us and rushed back to the portal, but not before watching the charge up the hill. The Lizards took the hill but the Snakes had tunnels and hid forces  under the hill and even with the high ground it looked as if the numbers the Yuan-Ti had was too much.  We hopped through the portal and headed back to the guild for much needed rest.