Gathering at The Bitter Dwarf

DM: Geo


Leader: Griters | 8 Wizard

Trailblazer: Nahil | 6 Sorcerer | 2 Warlock


Scout: Twee | 8 Ranger


Cartographer: Balthier 8 Rogue

Chronicler:  Kaladin | 5 Cleric

Daffodil | 9 Wizard

Mission: Locate entrance to underground cavern that has the mansion in it and possibly explore it.

Invasive Plant Species

On our way to the destination and on the way back we noticed the plant life growing quite rapidly. This growth has been assisted by some sort of magical means. We suspect druids. We have found shrines and a freshly planted circle of trees that leads us to think this is the case. The two most disturbing instances that happened was we came across a section of the road overgrown by a clover patch. At least a hundred feet of road had been covered by this patch and only the road.

The second was at night an invasive species of plant kept growing toward our hut. We were almost completely surrounded by morning. This growth was magically aided but I could find no druids or other people in the area casting.

Finally on the way home we came across a five foot totem with a face carved into it. It had divination magic on it similar to an arcane eye. I ask them to show themselves with a note in front of the eye, but the magic faded quickly after.

Bunnies and the Swamp Kobold

As we traveled into the plains the night before we reached the area we were aiming for we encountered a farm with some freshly slaughtered sheep and we overheard a bunch of Kobolds. Twee got noticed and fired away as we dropped the minions. However there was one or two powerful caster kobolds with high level magic they threw our way. They spoke of the traitor being dead and they retreated leaving the “spawns” to deal with us. We killed some of the group but a couple vanished into the night. We did kill the spawns we encountered.

We found the body of the “traitor” and we used gentle repose on his body immediately. We also used speak with the dead to figure out what information this person had. Said they knew REDACTED and were going to report to them that Grimmys has been traveling in between the swamp and the ruins of White Moon Cove. We set the body up on my floating disk and we took it with us in case we wanted to bring him back.

The Underground Mansion

We made it to where the book said the underground cavern and mansion would be. And we found what looked like a massive castle with a moat. Something that we should have known about being around this area before, but none of us have heard of it and no records of it in our logs.

Upon closer inspection the castle is an illusion disguising a hill with a wooden door. The door leads to an underground cavern which Daffodil allowed her snake to explore to see if it was safe. Through the snake’s eyes she saw a large house at the end of the tunnel and some lights coming from the inside. We decided to see it in person before we turned around and left. It indeed looked very much like the place described in the book, but the weight of the kobolds and the body we had we decided it best to travel back and report. Leaving the exploration for another day.