Gathering at The Bitter Dwarf

DM: Calm


Leader: Twee | 8 Ranger

Trailblazer: Kaladin | 5 Cleric



Scout: Nalkris | 7 Warlock


Cartographer: Balthier | 8 Rogue

Chronicler: Griters | 9 Wizard


Yatari | 9 Bard



Dakka Doon | 5 Fighter


Mission: Seek out and reestablish contact with Gwendolyn in the Neathy Woods.

Chaos Cult

 We traveled east to get to the Neathy Woods and on our way we a gravestone and a body both having similar wording ” Sacraficed for the greater good.” This was strange to us and Kaladin used speak with dead to ask the dead body a few questions. We found out the summoning went bad and killed a majority if not all of the cult trying to do the summoning. Not too much later we happened across a few creatures the last remaining cult member and what I later discovered to be an Abberant Ravager. 

So basically this creature is the product ofa failed summoning and usually resides in limbo and is a distant realative to Mind Flayers. I trapped him in a globe of force as the rest of the creatures following it were taken down.  We then put this being to rest as well. Lets just say he was none to pleased being trapped in a globe that was for sure. 

Allies of The Neathy Woods

We arrived to the area where Gwendolyn was last to be living, Her tree house on the eastern side of the woods. When we arrived we were greeted by a druid and his bear and then taken to see the wise old women of the Neathy Woods.

She infomred us of a troublesome camp of Gnolls giving her problems in the woods and asked if we would be able to take care of them. We choose to help her. She also informed us that The Black Footpad Inn had been partially destroyed by the gnolls. This coupled with the news that The Blood Eye Clan had not had word from The Jub Jubs recently was sad… but knowing both the Blood Eye and Gwendolyn had held out vs the gnolls was positive.

Removing the Gnoll Threat

We traveled to were Gwendolyn said the Gnolls had a camp. We were spotted rather quickly as they fired a few arrows at us.  We turned our attention to thinning their numbers and identifying threats. 

Besides the gnolls raining arrows and the skeletons we saw a Death Mage, a Flind and some sort of shaman caster gnoll. These three were the threats. Dakka stood on the front lines growing big like Zugall until she could not stand anymore… and then both Kaladin and Yatari helped her back up to stand some more. Twee and Balthier both fired off at least a quiver full of arrows a peice. Nalkris used his pet as well as that eldrich energy. Me and Yatari puta stop to most of the dangerous spells used by the Death Mage.  Eventually we cleared this camp of the gnolls and returned to Gwendolyn with te news and then hurried back home to Ruined Oak.