Gathering at The Bitter Dwarf

DM: Calm


Leader: Twee | 8 Ranger

Trailblazer: Kaladin | 5 Cleric



Scout: Horace | 6 Sorcerer 2 Cleric


Cartographer: Balthier | 9 Rogue

Chronicler: Griters | 9 Wizard


Taishina | 6 Paladin

Mission: Seek out and reestablish contact with Jub Jub city.

Mechanical Problems

We encountered a bunch of magical mechanical beings as we made our way towards Jub Jubs. I saw in a log previously an image of one of the creatures we fought.

We also encountered a clockwork storm and some mechanical hounds. These creatures exploded as they were killed and the one that looked like a man had a dangerous poison attack. Balthier took care of the assasin while the rest of us handled the swarm and the hounds.

When we arrived in the Jub Jub city we found a group of tinkering deep gnomes and thought they might be the ones who created these. They however said that these would of come from the mainland and would be really expensive to create. This would match up with the notes that we found.

“Egorn, I read your last letter with more than a little concern. You do not sound to be in your right mind. I fear that cursed place is having an effect on you. Please, for your own sake, depart from there at once and return home. I will come and get you if you need it. Your Dearest, Banart.”

“Beloved, I miss you every day I am stationed here. Gods, this is a boring post. All we do all day is stand around guarding these experts whilst they do whatever it is they are doing. I have no clue what that is. Still, it’s better being boring than dangerously exciting I suppose! I do wish something would happen to break the monotony a little. The most exciting part of every week is when the supplies are delivered – which should give you an idea as to just how boring it is! I’m counting the minutes until I see you again. Belthamew.”

We safely assumed that this might be the same group that is suspected of aiding the cults off the island but again only speculation. The Gnomes were very interested in the gears and parts that we salvaged off these creatures. They said they would be willing to pay for these things. Hinkle, Dinkle and Doc are the brothers to speak to if in the Jub Jubs. 

Jub Jub visit

We did however find out in our visit that our Jub Jub trade agreement still stands as long as the path way is defended and safe. So we need to construct Outposts. They also have bulk sellers of raw materials from the mountian. 

The entire city is very defensive about The Burning Elders and ignore the fact that the Stone Slingers were real. 

To further our trade dealings or diplomatic relations the people need to be vetted by papers to garner any deals or audiences with diplomats.

Burning Elders and Stone Singers

This investigation has come from a book that Lysing brought back with him from Jub Jub whne he visited.

Eyes of the reader as you cross these words know that that I am most likely dead. Fallen at the hands of an assassin or the victim of some vile concoction. As I put to parchment words that which is not meant for most eyes, as bring to light some of the darker secrets of this city.

For many months I have inhabited and though not that my life was not threated made my piece in the seediest parts of this city’s long shadows. Speaking with those that would kill their own mothers or worse yet shave their beards for a rough-edged copper.

Who are the burning Elder’s and what power do they hold not only on the power, wealth, and politics of this place but on its very soul?

I took my task with fervor as it was the dying wish of my Master, but the task was not easy and agents, whether from one house or clan or from many moved earnestly to dislodge me from the narrow ledge that I pursued. Information was sparce and hard to come by then a ray of light burst through the jet storm cloud of secrecy. I met a person who name I give knowing it to be one of many as is with those of his professions. “Gremtharn”

The words that parted his lips. at a price that I shall not divulge to you my reader least my soul does not find any rest in the afterlife, was that the Burning Elder’s were indeed the powers behind not only the Throne in GrackIstugh but have their dark tendrils in far darker corners and were the end of the Stone Singers.

While I shall die before this mystery is pierced, I leave to you my final clues. In the den of the Red Monk seek the flower that does not wither by the flame. In the chamber of Blood Stone unhinged the lid that should never be lifted. In the plains of the forgotten look South to the highest Jub peak and march thirty paces from the skull of Burosh and speak the words “Lyra”. In the Chamber of the Golems speak “Norminus” before the verdict.

It seems that archeologist Tsaran may know more but has left to transverse the Jub Jub peaks.

One grain of hope did not fall out of the sack of fate and that is there is one remaining Stone Singer, who has preserved the art from destruction. I lament the fact that I was not able to speak with the Stone Singer, just to know that art still exists would be worth a lifetime of searching. Only the Garden of Stone knows where that last survivor may dwell. Hornimus is the name of the Stone Singer.

I hope dear reader you continue my task as ill omen blow on the wind if the truth is not found out. L.V.

When we arrived we search the library for more clues to link to this faction, but everything was pretty hidden in childrens folklore. 

Kaladin did find a book that was written by a man named Galahan, and then Kaladin and Horace found this old drunk man at a dive bar. He then told us of his time by Tsaran’s castle. Also of a woman named Silverstone who was sacraficed, and he fiance Hornimus ( A legendary Stone Slinger). Hornimus is belived to have fled to the desert. 

There is also areas of interest to be checked about the Burning Elders and the assination of the previous king of Jub Jubs. 

One is the Red Brick Fort with Master Quison, One is White Moon Cove, The other is Tsaran’s Castale and the last is a group of hills in the north of tempest plains.