Gathering at The Bitter Dwarf

DM: Geo


Leader: Eight | 13 Monk, 2 Wizard Trailblazer: Bardy | 11 Bard, 1 Cleric


Marrak | 14 Wizard


Cartographer: Zak | 11 Fighter, 3 Barbarian

Chronicler: Griters | 10 Wizard

Valorean | 6 Paladin, 7 Sorcerer

Mission: Forge clearing for Rehope

Fort Custer


The forge reclaiming has a fallback point called Fort Custer and this is where the teleportation circle take us to. They have some supplies anda place to rest your head.  They also can manipulate the runes that we find of some of the creatures living in the forge. Fort Custer hasa surface as well as a barracks in a bunker.

Captian Klorpmunder and his Vangaurd are the first line of defense for Fort Custer. The vangaurd members are The wizard Soriturnnimal, the axe and javelin master Brimstone and the heavy arms master Ironbreaker. A formidable line of defense if one should ever be needed. The shops are full of items and supplies and will be getting more as they claim more runestones and forge supplies.

Shop owners are Delver, Gruk, and Havisher. They sell the stones, potions, brews, armor kits, weapon mods and some other interesting things. 

Forge Trip 1

 My first venture into the forge was just a few CTC members. Eight, bardy and myself. We were warned to not fly too high and that the creatures in the forge are very aggressive. We were also warned the forge has its own magic as well as generating random wild magic zones. Few steps in and my brain was attacked, I warded it off and now I feel as if I can fight off the magic of the forge.  Soon after we encountered some of the creatures occupying the forge. We saw a few imps, some spider creatures and two very large rhinos. 

We noticed some powerful spells coming from the Imps, but could not locate thier controler. The spiders approached us very quickly but were taken down by the three of us. The large rhinos mostly focused on Eight and as we took them down their corpses left behind a large stone. 

We sold these runestones back to the dwarves at Fort Custer for a hefty sum as they told us these were the ones they were looking for to help them improve their forging. 


Forge Trip 2 (well 3)

My second trip to the forge was the thrid venture in from Fort Custer. Bardy and Eight went back without me one time. As for my second time were were going to shut down the node. As we walked towards the area some strange wsipy creatures started to attack us and we saw a pillar north of us. We also had some earth elementals to deal with. Eight moved deeper into the zone and saw a few more pillars as well as a very large flying red cube. I banished one of the wispy creatures and he seemed like he was returned to us with a note about interdemntional travel being illegal or something.

Eight got beat up pretty hard by the cube as Marrak as well took some fire from it. We got the elementals and the wispy creatures under control and turned our focus to the red cube of death as Eight called it. We found a button on the pillars and when we pushed one we saw the cube shift and shrink a little. When three of the buttons were switched the cube dropped and left behind a very large rune stone. Larger than the others we have seen. We performed teh ritual and deactivated this node.