Gathering at the Potted Plant

DM: Tsi


Leader: Eagle| 3 Warlock

Trailblazer: Shrieker | 4 Ranger

Chronicler: Griters | 4 Wizard

Scout: Wearva| 1 Bard

Cartographer: Rona | 2 Barbarian

Oros | 2 Bard  2 Paladin




Mission: Explore a way to meet with Craw Jung Hobgoblin Tribe

On the Road

Griters Pebblefinger journal entry 5:

Part 1-

We left down the road heading south to save time planning to cut west through the forest to get to the supposed site of the uncontacted Craw Jung Tribe. Our travel was pretty quiet seeing an abandoned shrine and a shallow grave on the side of the road.  Our group moves steadily as Rona was on the constat lookout fora fight.  We found a herd of whooly rhonocerous as we entered the forest.

We stopped to sleep just inside the treeline and Rona discovered a Magical Well that disappeared by the morning. Rona drank the water and started laughing uncontroalably. It took us a while to figure out how to help the poor Kor. Oros healed her and she begane to recover.

Young Ogres and their Boars

Part 2-

We traveled farther west into the forest and and our daytime travels were pretty uneventful. As nighttime was approaching we decided to settle into a camp site with a cirlce of stones and a pillar in the middle. The night again was pretty uneventful until Rona’s watch. She heard foot steps and as they got closer we all woke up.  Some young ogres and their herd of boars approached and invded our camps.

Their leader threw a stone at Rona and all chances of talks were gone as Rona and her family of weapons flew into a rage and charged. I used a spell slightly too close to the rocks and the center pillar toppled over as my shatter spell hit a few of the enemies. We fought well together Oros hacking, Shrieker shooting from the shadows, Wearva mocking them and Eagle poking them with his wooden sword. The boars seemed more dangerous than the young ogres and we took the entire pack of them down. As morning rolled in we decided it may not be as safe for us to continue and headed home without contacting the Craw Jung Tribe.

Food for Home

Part 3- 

As we were leaving the forest we found a traveling cook who happened to be lost in the woods. We bartered with him to sell our boar meat and get him back to the road as he was traveling to Ruined Oak. He bought our meat for 1 gold and 5 silver per pound. We made a decent haul off killing the Ogre’s boars. 

We spent one more night in the woods and the cook made a steak while we ate the rations he supplied us for leading him out of the woods.  The next morning we left the woods and parted ways with him on the road. We headed north an Rona found a second well that she drank from… this one made her glow. We did not have any other meetings on the road and got back to Port Mirandia safely.