Party: Griters (Leader), Blue, Amber, Decs, Ander, Alvor

  Started out tuh find thuh Craw Jung tribe tuh extend relations tuh them. Set out frum Port Mirandia an met sum farmers on thuh road. Way helped them git thur wagon unstuck frum thuh road an then set out into thuh Glern Vale forest. Way came across sum bandits an weird bird dogs an blinky dogs attack uh magical dome. Way made quick work uh them an saved uh liddel dude named Usher. Hay wuz not uh bard. Hay wuz grateful enough tuh let us spend thuh night in his magical dome an way had uh great rest. Thuh next mornin’, way traveled more into thuh forest an found uh single Gnoll do whut Griters sayud wuz blood magic. Ah called it voodoo. Decs took him out with uh wayul-placed shot but then thuh forest went crazy. Way got attacked by birds, plants, an snow leopards. After them wuz taken care uh uh hobgoblin named Opal came ovur tuh spake with us. After sum conversin’, shay agreed tuh take us tuh her tribe tuh spake tuh them bout extendin’ relations. Way met thuh Craw Jung Chief Soothma an wuz able tuh tawk bout possibly establishin’ relations with them fahwar leather goods in exchange fahwar metal tools an weapons. Durin’ our conversations, Soothma warned us tuh stay out uh thuh hobgoblin conflicts as them would bay settled among thuh tribes. Thay havuh sayin’, sumpn similar tuh way can mess with each other but hif an outsider messes with no uh us all hell breaks loose….or sumpn lahk thet. So way should gist make shore not tuh mess with these tribes. Way wuz also tode bout thray tribes uh giants near thuh weird mountains north uh thuh glern vale forest so thet should bay fun. Ah wonder hif thay sayul belts.  

Opal the friendly hobgoblin.

Craw Jung Chief Soothma