Tl;dr: Our adventurers agree to help a fisherman retrieve some flowers that attract insects from a cave, nearby Port Mirandia. On the way there they see a tower made of bone with undead around and find a hidden trapdoor beyond which was a locked door covered in glowing magic runes. On the way back they see a large fire in the distance. Sadly one casualty to report, Friend The Zombie, who hopefully can be rebuilt again.
Adventuring Tip : Zombies make good gardeners.

Session Title : Helping Out A Friend
Session Date : 18 May 2021 @ 17:00
Session DM : Waylander

“Cartographer,” “Chronicler,” and “Trailblazer” Barry (Fighter 3/Cleric 1)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 4)
“Leader” Gorstag (Grave Warden 4) with Friend The Zombie
Kirnis (Warlock 2)
Manfred (Warlock 2)
“Scout” Zanovar (Warlock 1/Wizard 1)

Barry and group meet at Potted Plant, Port Mirandia. See posting by Quodon Tosswood about finding plant. Barry like finding plant think good idea. Barry and group go to dock find Halfling Quodon. Halfing Quodon say find flower in cave one day south from here, on west side of river, with bug inside. Flower supposed to have yellow circle inside purple petal.

Barry and group head out, cross bridge to the southwest and start moving southeast toward cave. Barry and group see tower off to west. Barry and group get closer and see tower made of bone. Barry and group decide to investigate after finding flower. Barry and group continue southeast.

Barry and group find in grassland area that has 30 foot diameter of moved earth. Edge of circle is very clean cut, not like with shovel. Tiefling Manfred make ground shake with magic. This make soil shake off a buried 7×7 foot something. Barry and group brush and move the soil away to reveal a trapdoor.

Tiefling Manfred tries to open door, plays with knob, ring, eventually door open. Door have ladder going down into 20 x 20 room with one exit into a cobblestone tunnel east. Beyond the tunnel is a cave with a river that is 15 foot deep and another tunnel north going west. Merman Kirnis swim into river say there is a opening deeper and the water might be same as river. Barry and group go into northern tunnel and go west.

Barry stand in room with two statue while rest of group who can see in dark explore. Group find room with many barrel and sleeping bag. Find note that read “Rough key sketch developed. Some attempts have failed though the key seemed to be pretty close. Maybe a special material might be needed?

Barry and group find door with runes glowing north of statues. Barry ask Tempus to show what kind of magic making rune glow. Tempus say Abjuration, Evocation and Necromancy. Barry say this to group and Barry and group decide to leave for different adventurer group. Barry and group exit tunnel and go southeast.

Barry and group find a cave entrance. There are centipede tracks. Barry and group enter cave. Bugs everywhere. Near entrance is a bunch of flower that match description. Bunch of flower crawling with many bug. Evil Gorstag send Friend The Zombie to go gather them. When Friend The Zombie touch the first flower, spore released. Spore attract many bigger bug.

Barry and group fight with many big centipede. After fight, Barry and group look around while Friend The Zombie gather flower. Barry and group leave cave, eat centipede for dinner. Barry and group set up to sleep, but Barry watch first. Barry and Evil Gorstag see many hyena. Barry wake group and decide to throw most of centipede meat to hyena, see if they eat. Hyena sniff and leave.

Barry sleeping when someone scream “wake up!” Barry woke up by large thing landing on Barry, then Barry not know what happen. Merman Kirnis wake Barry up with magic. Barry see group try to hide on rock so Barry try to hide on stump. Barry see land shark jump out and dive Goblin Dakka Doon. This happen a lot. Friend The Zombie dead again and land shark dead to. Barry go back to sleep.

Barry and group wake up to morning sun, go northwest. Barry and group see big fire far southwest. Barry and group decide to take flower back instead of going to see fire. Barry and group go northwest, and see a zombie as we go by bone tower. Barry and group decide to return flower instead of exploring bone tower. Barry and group return to Port Mirandia and deliver flower to Fisherman Halfling Quodon Tosswood.