DM: Waylander Date: 7/21/2021

Party: Katla 3 (Arden), Silk 3 (Ben), Aodh 4 (RCB), Brassimo 2 (Voidsearcher), Ithrael 3 (Moon)

I, Katla Gyrdottir, and several others set out again to brave the cave system(2) that had killed Eagle, the entrance being just northeast of the outpost (1). I admit that this log may be shorter than my others due to guilt over the situation. I was one of the main voices advocating going back to the magma room, I thought that with the addition of 2 people, Ithrael and Brassimo, we would be able to secure victory. Our journey to the cave was uneventful and much like the previous expedition.

We mounted an attack against the creatures, which we now know are called Kruthiks, hoping to clear them out. It was a foolish idea and one that lead to the death of Brassimo. We were at least able to take his body back with us.

Two things of note happened after, we ran across a strange door that upon investigation lead to a group of deep gnomes called the Clockhouse clan. They seemed fairly isolationist but not hostile, worth remembering them in case there is need to warn them of something. The other thing is the ten foot hole in the first room, I climbed down with a rope attached to investigate. After sixty feet or so the tunnel shifted to a thirty degree incline and headed much further down. It might be worth exploring but a great deal of rope and multiple sets of climbing gear would be needed. I found several valuable gems in the tunnel, even though I was only a hundred or so feet in.

I fear my zealousness in conquering that room lead to the near death of all of us and the actual death of Brassimo. I think there is little that I can do to alleviate the guilt of my actions.