Play by Post Session Title: Bonding Over A Brewery [email protected] Levels: 5-9 Risk: 6 https://sleeperisland.eu/mission/assisting-the-brewery/

Player List:

1. Kiwi, Jyn, Cleric 8

2. naiiz, Alessio, Cleric 1, Fighter 5, Ranger 1

3. SpotHydra, Dwaff, Cleric 9

4. Omelette, Orgeron, Fighter 2, Paladin 5

5. TheOddity, Dimble, Sorcerer 8

6. krforget93, Shrieker, Ranger 5, Rogue 4

7. Konopa, Gau, Druid 7

Leader: Jyn

Scout: Alessio

Trailblazer: Shrieker

Chronicler: Orgeron

Cartographer: Gau

1st watch: Dimble and Alessio

2nd watch: Shrieker and Gau

3rd watch: Dwaff

4th watch: Orgeron and Jyn

The day started off cloudy and the word around town was that the local brewery needed assistance in acquiring yeast that would greatly increase the quality of their brews. Naturally, Orgeron made sure to be one of those that would assist.

The party assembled at the tavern, as per usual, those that arrived were Jyn, Alessio, Dwaff, Dimble, Shrieker, Gau, and myself. We immediately set off traveling to the brewery where we were greeted with a distinct aroma of beers, whiskey, and wine wafting from the ground.

We met a stuby dwarf male with long hair and beard named Barlin who told us of the Hyougwa Yeast that the brewery requires.

We set off and around noon as the skies darkened from the west, our scout Alessio noticed a black carriage approaching, driven by a pair of horse-like creatures with bright manes that seemed to be made of fire. Behind the carriage there followed around a dozen skeletons.

This turned out to be the carriage of Vampire Earl Sitaris who it turned out was also in search of some of the yeast along with a former adventurer called Alecks Jones who he would like to make into one of his servants.

We agreed to search for Alecks Jones finding out later that he had been killed and dragged off by bird wolves. With some effort we came across the site he was last seen followed by being attacked by bird wolves and some sort of construct.

The battle was swift as we took them down one by one guaranteeing our victory. Afterword’s while using Rocky and Ambrosius (my two mastiff)we were able to track where Alecks Jones had been taken. Once there more bird wolves were killed before finding his corpse amongst other remains. We returned the corpse to Sitaris completing his first request thus allowing us access to a map he held that would assist us in finding the yeast.

After some travel, we reached the area as described on the map. As the sun rose to noon the map began to show what seemed to be a watermark followed by a giant turtle that emerged from the river. The turtle went to the other bank where it decided to dine on some giant what looked to be peaches. While the rest of us climbed the great turtle Gau chose to make friends with it, learning its name, Morz, even learning that there were some creatures inhabiting its shell and being a nuisance.

As we searched for the yeast that grew on the back of Morz the aforementioned pests showed themselves and attacked. One even swallowed Gau and myself before I cut open its stomach from the inside giving it the worst heartburn of its life, which in turn killed it and set us free.

After a good battle and getting tangled in hair not to mention some hairy jokes, we won and moved on to find plenty of Hyougwa Yeast along with an old hut whose sole occupant was a dead dwarf named Georgex Position who seemed to have been killed by our previous assailants.

We took the time to bury Georgex Position before returning to Sitaris giving him a portion of the found yeast. With his thanks, we returned to the brewery delivering what they had required before returning to town some extremely tired and looking for rest.

And now, as I pen this log luck fortunes me as Barlin came in with an assortment of drinks that I will now enjoy to the fullest and pray that I  don’t pass out.