GM: Geokhan – APR 7 2022

Players: Nog 14, Katla 14, Griters 12, Barry 10, Twee 13

Notice made by Mayor Eight to go find ship carrying new bells for Fort that is reported to have run aground and rescue any survivers. Party make quick travel on the good ship Not a Schooner, while Nog enjoy day of fishing. We find the Sarah Conner and go ashore to do some preliminary investigation. There was a fight, but it ended very quickly, Nog barely even remembering it happen.

In morning party return to shipwreck and begin to follow tracks, short relatively uneventful travel and we manage to find some survivors. Only real thing of note is stinky sulfur clouds and something about weak spots in ground caused by lava flowing funny. Manage to get survivors to rowboat and send them to Not a Schooner, while party return to our duty of finding the missing bells.

Bell tracks lead to some kind of ruined town of some kind, party enter a building and discover several gem-like bugs and some lizardy/frog-like people and some very ugly dogs, which attacked party on sight. During fight Nog might have stopped on of the froggy lizard people from doing something, because shortly after tower start pulsing red and froggy lizard people start yelling to run away. Griters manage to use some kind of magic to make the ensuing explosion cause minimal damage.

After the dust settle we look around and find the bells as well as several runes inside where what was left of the tower was, some kind of arcane power rune a kind of weapon of mass destruction. Elsewhere we find symbols seeming to name the ruins as part of the Egoron Kingdom. At some point while Griters was examining these runes he received a vision of some kind that showed a big cube that reminded group of something similar to that of what the Council utilizes.