Party: Juilijonas Urbona, Griters Pebblefinger, Bardy, Honker, Marcus Wellspring, Nahil
Date: 4/1/21
Time: 23:00

Our hunt for the elusive peacock feathers continues, as we get sucked into the story one more time, Before us stretches a Magnificent Maze

Transversing the maze proved to be easier than I originally anticipated thanks to the quick thinking of Gritters and Bardy, and of most importantly Honkers. With the flying duo in the air able to create a map of the area we safely navigated thru predatory vegetation, leading us to the center of the maze, a gruesome tree surrounded with what appeared to be dead bodies, and overly large apples.

It was not evident until the “Apples” began to emit sound that there were faces on on them. This tree cause such dissonance amongst the party that I dare say for some time I could do nothing but stand there. However there was a might beast that apparently guarded the tree and it’s treasure.

It’s sharp claws, thick hide and disgusting breath made a very difficult opponent, After we defeated this creature Gritters climbed in thru it’s mouth dagger in hand to “Tummy Dive” On his way in I managed to put light on his boot. The sight of the vanishing Gritters and the glowing innards of the Beast is something I hope Bardy can put in painting for ever.

In the end we were victorious but the case that would have held the sword had nothing but a playing card and a tuft of white fur. We suspect it is the fur of the Rabbit that lead us to our destination.

Please as always be safe out there friends
Marcus Wellspring.