DM: Calmseeker
Date: December 21, 2022 – January 19, 2023

  • Alessio (Cleric 1/Fighter 5/Ranger 3) (naiiz)
  • Kirnis (Warlock 5/Sorcerer 4) (Genthrock)
  • Orgeron (Fighter 3/Paladin 6) (Omelette)
  • Wheeze (Grave warden 10) (Troy)
  • Vivi (Sorcerer 7) (Konopa)
  • Dimble (Sorcerer 10) (TheOddity)


We set out a merry troupe to extend a road in ZHT, we packed our stuff and headed out. We entered the portal and as soon as we exited the portal there were a curious inn, very enticing. We decided to enter and have a look. The doorman told us the name was Moctis Inn. After a delightful meal and a nights rest we notice that the inn was bigger than the night before. Another curiosity about the inn is that the very walls of the inn seemed to be laughing at what transpired inside. Working in the inn were 6 people, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. Outside there seemed to be some kind of magic preventing us from leaving. After some arguing about that fact a fight broke out. Apart from the 6 workers the inn seemed to also be fighting on their side. Regardless we managed to defeat them and but their bodies turned to dust. When defeated the inn started to fall apart and we had to hurry out.

Two of the other people trapped in the inn was Raygar Tardragonion and Lysanna Starker. They were chased by a creature named Heimdallin because he wanted some magic item of theirs. Bidding them farewell we started with the road building.

Lysanna Starker
Raygar Tardragonion


We passed a tower with ancient texts and stories about something called Circini. It is associated with the demon lord Baphomet one way or the others and occasionally helps very angry people.

Next curiosity on the way was a magic well. After some examining Kirnis drank the water to find out the effect. He managed to dodge the spell that was identified as Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere.

We then continued on just to find an unfortunate soul hanging from a tree. The elf had some rude inscription in celestial on the forehead.



In the evening we saw a hut, and approached it in the hope of getting more information on the hanged elf. We were met by a strange fellow. He seemed to have the body of a celestial and the heart of a demon. He greeted us with a bad attitude although he did introduced himself as Heimdallin, the very same creature that Taygar and Lysanna had been fleeing from. He explained that the hanged elf had suffered his fate because he resisted when Heimdallin tried to rob him. Somehow he managed to justify this to himself as he deserved the things… his mind evidently thoroughly twisted.

He had the company of a chain devil and some kind of mix between a snow tiger and a horse and it became evident that he needed to leave this world. After Alessio let the arrows rain over him with remarkable speed, he absorbed the life force of the tiger-horse (torse? hoger?) creature and healed himself. And Orgerons outmatched him with his defensive skills, even though his magical earthquake were slightly annoying. Some time into the fight even the devil sacrificed himself to Heimdallins demonic powers. And so great was the hubris of Heimdallin that he still fought on.

Shortly after we felled him he started to awake again as if he had the powers of a troll. Thankfully Kirnis managed to figure out that force and psychic damage would kill him as fire would kill a troll. He proved further his zealous nature by crying out to Circini (the one with the paintings from before, that were associated with the demon lord) moments before his death. And a good deed had been done ridding the world from another evil. In the hut we found a letter in elvish reading:

To Heimdallin, As much as I loathe to admit it, your advice was sound. I was able to acquire a map leading to Stellar Library from the deranged necromancer Crayman. His two left hands were unnerving to look at and a reminder that something was off about him. The map itself looks reliable though. It should lead me to the general area in the Neathy Woods where the Stellar Library should be. The price I paid to you for information on the map was worthwhile. I hope the contract with the devil is lengthy. I know not how Circini made a temporary truce between the demons and devils that serve him, but perhaps that shows how great his will is on this island. I dobut the truce will last more than a few years though. Although I despise your arrogance and hope to never meet you again, I hold respect for the measures you will take to uphold your desires. Farewell.

-Dorfganon the Powerful Fire Giant Sorcerer



After finishing up the road building we headed home without any mishaps and learned that some workers had heard the name Dorfganon before and were able to tell us that he had attacked the workers when working on an outpost and had been slain. He drew us a picture of the giant as well and remembering that talked about becoming “Hero of Ages” and finding the “Stellar Library”, and also mentioning Circini. Nog had the map of the location of the Stellar Library, whatever it is, in case someone would be interested in books.