TLDR: Merula is missing!! A fight with succubae, we meet a suspicious lady in a town, and the Master comes back into the story once again! 

  • DM: Omelette 
  • Date: July 6- July 20
  • Risk: 6+ 
  • Levels: 1-4


  • Beralt– Bugbear, mutant blood hunter, lvl 4(espada) 
  • Galli– rock gnome, invention wizard, lvl 4(tiffthatsit)
  • Slissezh– Yuan-ti, celestial warlock, lvl 4 (theoddity)
  • Illias– Yuan-ti, sorcerer, lvl 2 (earthybeast)
  • Yvalyn– eladrin, archery warlock, lvl 4 (Cici)
  • Raq– githyanki, spellsword swordmage, lvl 3 (qarlynd)
  • Maej– half-elf, war magic wizard, lvl 3 (naiiz)

Leader of the group: Illias

While sitting in the Potted Plant, Beralt and I had overhead a lovely goblin man asking around about a lost friend. That friend was Merula! Our interest peaked right away as she has been a pivotal part of our missions for a while now. He claims she had missed a chess tournament and was worried; Beralt and I got to asking around as well. We discovered she had headed south to Steiner’s conclave with a group of 15 other people. 

Day 1: Off we go! 

While asking around other adventurers came to ask about our mission, forming a group and knowing a direction, we were ready! A little down the road and we met a strange face peaking at us over the grass. Six humans and half elves argue over whether or not they should skedaddle or fight for our stuff. They are dressed in rags. Turns out they were the same bandits we had fought before but missing their leader obviously. One of them called Beralt fluffy…

During watches I admired Beralt’s sword forms and made a small music box. The song is beautiful and works well but plays a lot shorter than I’d like…oh well! It’s still beautiful.

Day 2: looks like rain

The morning is looking very dreary; storms look like they are in our near future. We’d better get moving! A little bit down the road, we stopped to do our due diligence and fix the road sign; Raq did a great job etching the words onto it with his mage hand “Steiner’s Conclave”. 

A bit down the road we came upon a group of goblins who weren’t about to give us info at first until Beralt came in and talked to them in their language he shares. They HAD seen a group of people; one heading north and one heading south. 

*Note: the second group going north was smaller, fancy clothes and riding in a carriage.*

The night was uneventful. I had pomegranate and I did get my song lengthened in the music box I made.

Day 3: Steiner’s Conclave

Steiner’s Conclave

We made it to our destination with no words about whether Merula has been seen. 

Inside we hear an amazing party inside one of the buildings along with directions inside looking for a dwarf woman! I was SO excited to go in I ran right in. Inside, we found her, in the middle of the room, drinking and telling a story. 


Daria tells us about a little problem the townsmen are having down by a water hole. Some creature or person is down there charming all the men, therefore they are returning empty handed…she would like us to take care of this in exchange for the info she has on Merula.

A certain plant satyr came to mind and I was fired up. The water source for the town is located south east from the town. The pond is around half an hours walk. 

*Note: those effected come back to their senses after 24 hours*

This elven man supposes he has some information but he’s wanting payment for such. He’s suggesting that the “problem” might all be a trick to get us to take out some goblins they don’t like…we will see. 

He says there is someone charming people, women and men. Of the five that have gone, four are dead and one is missing…suspicious! 

*Note: they snap out of the spell after about 24 hours and three days later, end up sick and die.*

Heading to the grave sites of the four deceased people, we do in fact find moss covered headstones and mushrooms growing on their sites. 

Succubus Disguised form

At the pond:

We see two identical creatures in the water. I’m getting nervous!!! We decided to send in Lawrence to see what they are all about. They really seemed to enjoy Lawrence and one gave him a kiss, killing Lawrence immediately.

Succubus Natural Forms

Update: the battle was a hard fight. A few of our party members get charmed and Beralt was one of them, he even got a deadly kiss, nearly killing him. One of the succubae was killed and the other just…disappeared. The one that died turned into some kind of spill of toxic sludge. We’re trying to clean up the mess and Beralt drops a vial on the ground. Mysterious thing! 

Upon examination, it turns out to be a poison of some kind. Beralt is acting very strange and won’t let anyone see the vial, Slissezh tries to suggest him give it to him and he takes off into the woods. I casted sleep on him and he goes down sleeping in the dirt. Slissezh ties him up with excellent knot making skills. After much consideration, I ended up hitting him with a stick…knocking him unconscious, but it worked!!!!  With Beralt unconscious, uncharted, and tied up. We let him loose, took a short rest, healed the Big Guy and headed back to town to find Daria. 

*Note: found a crate with 7 vials inside, looks to be the same ones Beralt had.*

Back in town

Finding Daria, I start to really think about what has happened and I start to get a little suspicious of her. My insight tells me she knows something she’s not telling us. Inside the back room she hands me a journal, the Masters journal, where she had added to.  She reveals the last of the pages with a message written by the Alchemist. 

“The master said to move to this new location. I will take what I can and return for the rest the moment I am able to do so.” 


There’s a map attached with an area about 3 hexes away, northeast, next to the river.  We will have to return to Port Mirandia, inform Merula’s friend of where she is, rest and revive ourselves. Daria hands me a paper with a supply list she needs for the town before we leave. 

Future notes: 

Owner of the town Daria lives in- Steiner

Merula went to a town north east of Steiner’s conclave

List of supplies requested by Daria

  • 20 pounds of sugar.
  • 10 pounds of yeast.
  • 100 pounds of barley.
  • 100 pounds of any 1 fresh fruit

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