DM: @Jacksus


 Cedric (Fighter 3) [@Waylander322]
Jelo (Cleric 3, Sorcerer 1) [@Drewid]
Sileah (Druid 2) [@Allustrous]
Sneaker (Rogue 3) [@Mutis]
Kaladin (Cleric 4) [@Chrus]
Mih-Nah-Go (Monk 2, Barbarian 1) [@D20 NERD]

Summary for the impatient:

– We met Pietrov Kovachi and his family outside of town and to agreed to bring back his stolen goods.
– We found a goblin family who brought us to the hideout of the goblins who took Pietrov’s goods.
– After clearing the cave we are able to bring the goods back to Pietrov.

Section 1: Meeting the Kovachis

We are leaving Ruined Oak to the east and follow the road until we reach the camp of Pietrov Kovachi and his family. They are a group of merchants and entertainers and some of our group have met them before and knew that they were looking for a group of adventurers to help them get their goods back from some goblins.
According to Pietrov they were ambushed from the east and the goblins took the carriage which has all their merchandise for sale. Asking about the number we are told that he saw 14 or more goblins during the ambush.
Also he would like to see his draft horse return to him which goes by the name Charlie.

Section 2: Finding a goblin family

We are continuing our way on the road and near the crossing come accross an old iced over wagon. We follow the road until the sun sets and make for some camp.
On the next day we manage to continue our way towards the described location for the goblins. As we are traveling down the road our scout Sneaker makes out a makeshift shelter off the road.
We find a small goblin family who currently sit around a campfire. They appear to be well dressed and more civilized than the others we have seen on other adventures.
As we are approaching they are rushing back inside their shelter aside from an elderly goblin.

Section 3: Rescue mission for Bernice

The goblin who is named Gargub greets us and seems to be concerned but eases up a bit when he is given some rations.
He tells us of mean goblins who kicked them out of their home. He points us into the direction the roads leads to. It also appears to be the same direction we are currently headed.
A little goblin girl then walks out and talks about Bernice her toy owlbear which was taken. She is excited that we agree to go look for it.
Gargub begins to lead us on the road towards the direction of the goblin lair.

Section 4: Arriving at the goblin hideout

We stop near a hillside with a flowing river and see two wooden doors. In front of the large door are two goblins who are chatting loudly about some tales in which one of them slew many ogres.
Gargub then gives us a little description of the goblin cave and we decide to sneak up to the two goblin watches. Following this plan Sneaker makes quick work of the guards and we decide to burry them and to go through the smaller door on the left as it seems to be a lot quieter behind it.
The small door appears to be unlocked and we find a nice finished area behind it with two long benches.

Section 5: Going in through the small door

We are then squeezing through the tunnel in the back towards another section of the cave and find a set of stairs and wooden doors in the next room. There is music playing from the direction of the stairs.
We hear talking towards our left and a goblin steps out who is quickly met by our blades. In the following fight we get rid of an alchemist, a shaman, a raging goblin and a few others.
In one of the rooms which looks like a child bedroom we do find the missing stuffed owlbear toy. We also find the cooking equipment of Gargub that he wanted to have back.

Section 6: Clearing out the main entrance

We are then moving closer to the area near the large wooden door and find some horses and a carriage in this room. In the adjacent rooms we hear a piano and a cowbell being used for some mediocre music and a fight breaks out when the music stops.
Most of us remain close together and Sileah transforms into a giant hyena and is able to block most of the two doors.
Mihnago however decides to run in one of the rooms raging and is quickly knocked out by the goblins inside. I’m still surprised that he somehow stayed alive during all that chaos.

Section 7: Returning Bernice and the goods

After the fight we let Gargub know that the cave is cleared. He comes inside and brings his family with him. Gargubs daughter receives her toy back and we have a nice meal together with this family.
After that we are taking Charlie and Pietrov’s carriage with us and return safely to the camp of the Kovachis.
Pietrov thanks us a lot for bringing back his goods, pays us very well and offers us to check out his goods.