Adventure arranged by Twee the goblin, inviting, besides myself and Avarace, for Griters the gnome Abjuration Wizard, Dakka Doon the brave goblin Rune Knight, Kaladin the stout halfling life Cleric, Yatari the faithful teifling servant of Asmodeus and Lore Bard and Balthier the Shadar-Kai Arcane Tricker to join us.

We travelled east along the road, picking up Asparas in Ruined Oak, a member of the Monastery of the Rushing Stream, who was looking for an escort to get home, and as it was on the way, we happily let her travel safely with us.

Asparas from the Monastary of the Rushing Stream

On the road there, we found a poster on the ground, a wanted poster from Sitaris

Wanted Poster found blowing around in the wind on the road

We arrived to the Monastery of the Rushing Stream without issue, said goodbye to Asparas, and noticed how the Monastery had signs of damage from a recent storm, and while the others was quick to want to leave and travel on, after hearing how they had seen signs of a black dragon peeking out of the fog to the southeast in the direction where Whitemoon Cove used to be, I hurried to spend 10 gold pieces to buy a bag with 5 of their fantastical many-flavored Jelly Beans.

Monastery of the Rushing Stream

During the 3rd night, as we was near the Neathy Woods, we spotted flying Kobolds to the southeast, first just 2, but they was soon joined by a second pair, and they got a bit closer than 200ft to our camp, leading me to nearly waking up everybody else, but then they turned around. We travelled more carefully after that, in case they notified anyone and was setting up and ambush, but as we slept in a magically created Tiny Hut, it also seemed likely they had not noticed our presence.

Arriving at the border of the Neathy woods, we came to a small encampment of the remaining hobgoblin members of the Blood-eye clan, and talked a bit about them about the intelligence they had gathered about the happenings to the south and in the Neathy Woods, and with this information, we continued on.

As we entered the Neathy Woods and travelled east through it to reach where the home of Gwendolyn used to be, we was set upon by Gnolls; Damn insects of the forest has distracted me, leading me to fail as the scout, so we did not have the advantage of distance nor surprise on our side for the combat with them, first noticing them really when barely 50ft away from them, and they noticed us as the same time.

They had, besides strong magically trained gnolls, a fanatic cultist with them named Davin, and an awful abomination with tentacles hanging from its face and poisonous fluids covering it like mucus, standing tall as an ogre and using some latent psionic force abilities during combat towards us.

Aberrant Ravager

We handled the combat quite easily, but mostly due to a brilliant strategem by one of my comrades to capture the large creature, known as an Aberrant Ravager, in a sphere of force created with a Wall of Force spell, letting us deal with the small and more squishy gnolls first, and then all prepare to attack the Aberrant Ravager together in a focused blast just as the sphere of force was removed around it.
Besides the coin and jewels we found, we also harvested 3 of its tentacles to take back to sell, as they seemed valuable, but only 3 was not entirely covered in that poisonous mucus.

Later we met a druid with his brown bear companion, who was quickly satisfied that we was searching for Gwendolyn and had good intentions, so he lead us to her.

Druid friend of Gwendolyn and his Brown Bear companion

Talking to Gwendolyn, we was lead to a direction to travel to find Gnolls who was causing trouble for her, and we did find their encampment, where we fought a bunch of their stronger members I have encountered personally so far, backed up by their squishy less trained tribe members, and some trained savage huge fiendish hyenas.

Home of Gwendolyn in the eastern part of the Neathy Woods

While we had the distance this time, we again lost the element of surprise, as just as I was pointing out the camp to my comrades, one of the gnolls on the battlements of their encampment let out a warning howl while gesturing our general direction, revealing we had been spotted and would not have the element of surprise on our side.

Twee set a good strategy at the start of combat, putting up spike growth in their incoming direction, slowing their advance towards us, as we was best at range, unfortunately that strategy was countered, as one of their strong spellcasters dispelled it almost immediately, but not before I had positions myself way to close to the frontline for comfort.

Fortunately, Dakka Doon was a champion at the front, soaking up damage like a sponge, and dealing out damage, and with Yatari, Griters and myself backing him up at the frontline, leaving the rest of group to take them out with longer ranged attacks, we was able to emerge victorious from the battle, through it was a tough and taxing combat.

I popped my knee during the fight, having to halt and limp around towards the end, until I could rest and reset it.

Gnoll Magician, and quite a decent foe

Gnoll Whipmaster, maybe not official name, but suitable

Unusually Strong Gnoll Deathmage, strongest foe 2nd camp
The 3 strongest foe of the 2nd camp

We travelled back by Gwendolyn to report how the combat had gone in our favour and how we hoped that would calm the trouble of the gnolls for a while, through doubtfully for very long, they seem to recover their numbers quickly and spread like a disease upon this island.

With contact remade with Gwendolyn and having assisted her to deal with a few camps of gnolls in the Neathy Woods, we travelled home with a smile upon our lips, and soreness in our bodies, ready for a comfortable rest back in ruined oak.