DM: Jacksus

Party: Danivoy, Seldrius, Dakka, Darthis, Gorstag

Mission: Investigate rumors of goblin attacks to the east

We set out from Ruined Oak towards the east and attempted to find out more about these goblin attacks. During our travels we ran into what one of my party identified as a Bullete. We managed to scare the thing off freeing ourselves of its company. We found some wagon ruts near the road after the fight and followed them into the cave. We entered the cave and found a statue of the Legendary Ghoul King known as Doresain. He is known as the first ghoul according to Gorstag. We also found a menacing looking iron gate that had a large skull upon it. We also found evidence of goblins but they seemed to have moved on. We found a room full of refuse and a message that reads “Now I have my skeleton army, Ho-Ho-Ho.

We set up camp for the night and we managed to have night of restful sleep despite the oddities we found in the cave. We set out for the day and found a corpse hanging from a tree. We of course brought the man down for a proper burial when Gorstag said he could speak with them. We decided that was a good idea for some reason. We asked what happened to them. Goblins apparently killed him and hung him from the tree. As we were doing our duty and burying the poor soul goblins attacked us. It was one hell of a fight. I was black in and out of the fight at least three seperate times. I was fortunate as our Leader Darthis died defending us. I almost ran a few times I am not afraid to admit it. We did notice the one goblin that got away ran into a cave along the road. We headed out with great speed in the hopes we would not be ambushed with reinforcements. We made it back to Ruined Oak safely and held a funeral for Darthis.

This is where the Goblin Cave resides.

Notes: The Goblins had Berserkers who raged a lot like a Barbarian would. The best way to handle them would probably be to keep a distance and keep them from being able to move. You do not want to be caught by one of them. You will go down. The goblins seem to be well armed and will attempt to ambush you if possible.