How to do Crafting like a Red Mage

Here on Sleeper Island, we use the artisan’s tools and crafting systems found in the Player’s Handbook and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, alongside a third party crafting system that allows you to make additional items based on your tool proficiencies.

Don’t know how to use an artisan tool?
Well, you can certainly learn with enough time!

Check below for our document on the rules, how to craft, and what you can craft with your tools!

Easy reference table

Crafting Level Title Prof Bonus / SlotsKnown Recipes DC Experimentation DC
1stNovice2DC 11DC 12
2ndIntermediate3DC 12DC 14
3rdAdvanced4DC 13DC 16
4thMaster5DC 14DC 18
5thGrandmaster6DC 15DC 20

The Sleeper Island Crafting Guide