In-Character Markdown Text 101

*Description of what the character is doing*
“Words that the character is saying”

*Bob enters the tavern covered in dry blood and bits of his former friend, he falls to the ground and softly whispers*
“I made it, I will keep our promise,”

 Bob enters the tavern covered in dry blood and bits of his former friend, he falls to the ground and softly whispers
“I made it, I will keep our promise,”

Changing Your Nickname

As soon as you have created your first character, please change your nickname in the Discord to:

Discord Name(Character Name)

Please ping a Mod if you are unsure how to change your nickname.

Discord Text Channels

Required Resources

Text channels used by the administrators to provide information regarding Sleeper Island.


  • Players are not allowed to post comments.
  • Announcements about our shared WM game.


  • Gives a brief summary of how our explorers came to the island of Sleeper Island.

Character Creation

You can find most resources to help create your PC here, help channels and a few other discussion points.

  • Players are not allowed to post comments.
  • Contains links to information like: The Cookbook.
  • The Roster.
  • Other important information about playing in Sleeper Island.
  • Youtube videos about WM style play.


  • Here players will execute character rolls, post pc templates to be added to the roster and levelups.


  • Used for player to player help. Mechanics questions and other things can be asked here.
  • Servers and Useful Video guides used in PC creation are pinned here


  • Help channel for questions related to fantasy grounds usage.
  • PC Class Templates are pinned here to ease PC Creation.

Crafting Building Buying

Used for crafting, for building info and used for marketplace buying.


  • info on town building


  • Used to show the amount of Gold donated to fund buildings.


  • Used to buy items from the Roster


  • Used to buy items from other players.


  • Provides information on the crafting as well as posts tool learning.

Player Resources Channels

General chat channels for stuff


  • General chat about anything and everything.
  • Must be Safe-For-Work.


  • Players use this channel to buy and sell goods from WMC (see buying and selling stuff).


  • All suggestions for making Sleeper Island a better environment are welcome here.
  • We try to make it a point to respond to all suggestions, so please don’t take offense if your suggestion is denied.


  • Channel used to suggest possible classes, mechanics, and other things to be introduced into Sleeper Island.


  • This text channel is for requesting assistance with FG
  • Please make sure to @mention the Mods or GMs when looking for help.


If you would like to speak with the people that help with some of the art that is developed for Sleeper Island

Mission Center

Channels used to find sessions as well as logs.


  • A channel were you can post your favorite log to become log of the week and be awarded Extra XP for it.


  • When a mission is posted on the website, the basic details of the mission show up in this channel with a link to the post on the website.
  • Players can sign up for the session on the site.


  • Players use this channel to suggest missions, or places of interest they would like to visit based on the Adventure Log or The Map.


  • A channel for missions that randomly happen.


  • A channel for mission logs posted to the website. Posted here for ease of access.

Role Playing Channels

Text channels here are meant for interacting with the other players IC. They are meant for putting on your RP hat and suspending belief to have fun being your character and interacting with the other characters. Please refrain
from OOC in these channels.

Special RP Channels


Use this channel to create a will for your
character. You can not pass on anything
to your next character! You can bequeath
it in any other way! For example:

  • It can go to specific characters
  • You can make people pass a
    puzzle to get it
  • You can donate it to an NPC
  • You can start a fund to build
    something in town

Your will must be submitted before your character has died. If you do not leave a will, all of your belongings are split between the survivors of the mission.

Player Input

Channels used for Players to provide thier input.


  • Topics will be brough up by DMs to be discussed by the community to improve the player experience.


  • Channel where a random location or event is introduced. Players then get to be creative, and make up scenarios that then become a part of random encounters.


  • Channel where players are asked to cheese/break classes, subclasses, and whatever else we put in.

Game in Session Channels

Text channels here coincide with the Voice Channels
listed below and should be used when in session and RP’ing with the other players.

Voice Channels

These are full-duplex voice channels, that are shared with Players for missions, to host the audio portion of the game. Each GM has their own voice channel with a corresponding “Game in Session Channels” text channel.

All game in session voice channels operate on a push to talk basis. We find this is more sociable so that there isn’t too much extraneous noise.
Please set up a push to talk key for your discord before your first mission.