Creating a home in the frontier

Detailed Information on Structures & Improvements

This section outlines general uses, rules and requirements for each of the structures or improvements available.

Town creation rules:

  1. Towns need to be at-least 15 hexes apart.
  2. A town needs a free hex on the world map.

Construction Rules:

  1. Only 3 structures may be built at the same time

Tier 1

The 1st Tier begins when players approach the village and ends once a number of resources have been cleared and accessed.
2 structures of the party’s choice as well as a Trading Post and a Town Center, must be built to progress towards the next Tier.
Benefits of Tier 1 are 10% of taxes on income currently generated by the town.

Tier 2

The 2nd Tier begins after Tier 1’s objectives have been completed. During this stage of development, the growth of the population and access to work is the primary goal. 6 structures must be completed through this stage, as well as capitalizing on 1 outlined opportunity and dealing with 1 outlined threat.
Benefits for Tier 2 include 15% of taxes on incomes currently generated by the town, in addition to discounted goods (10%) produced by the town and its chosen structures.
To progress through to Tier 3, the population of the town now must be above 150, with a guard to civilian ratio of no fewer than 2%.

Tier 3

The 3rd Tier will begin after the completion of goals from Tier 2.
At this point the characters should decide upon what the town should specialize in. Before this decision is made, the town must have 6 differing structures built including a manor, not including the structures required by each specialization.