Day #1

I had finally touched down on the Town of White Moon Cove. It would appear that Lathander had brought me here just in time, for I had met plenty ambitious folk from all the distinct walks of life gathering in what I believe to be a search for fortune. Luck would have it, they had actually signed up for a job involving rebuilding an outpost. I had believed the task noble enough that I had invited myself in. Praise Lathander, they did not object. Later, my party and I would meet our charges, a team of workers about forty men strong. Perhaps I myself may lend a hand in their efforts, although I cannot say with certainty that my knowledge of metallurgy will prove of much help in the end.

The weather was not half bad, the little drizzle that had caught us during the midday did little to dampen our spirits. By the evening we had managed to reach our destination, where we – or rather myself – had ran into the first complication. My silly self had only a day’s worth of rations stowed away in my backpack, and it did not seem like the damages to the outpost could be undone in a single day. It would be quite embarrassing if I were to prove myself a dead weight this soon into my journey. Nevertheless, I had tucked in. I had to be in peak shape if I wanted to be of aid.

The night had turned out to be uneventful. A blessing and a curse, for our charges were at no risk that night, but I could have afforded to go that night with an empty belly. That is a one ration wasted.

Day #2

I had awoken in the morning to see the sky clear up. The workers’ foreman had assembled his team to begin working. As we looked after them, our Party’s Scout – Killian, unless I had mixed up the names – had taken notice of large pumpkins some distance away. Of course I was delighted at the news, for that would mean I would not have to go hungry for the remainder of our task. Speaking of hungry, I am glad that I chose to eat my rations last night, for we were jumped by a trio of bandits? Villains? In any event, they meant ill for us, and for our charges in particular. There were two Hobgoblins and a green giant of sorts who, to my understanding, meant to eat our workers? I hope I was ill of hearing then, for it sounds most gruesome and vile. We fought. The green giant proved a demanding foe, for his wounds seemed to heal at a great rate. The two Hobgoblins proved competent in combat too. The fight went rather shakily, with one of my teammates falling down. I think it was just one. Hopefully we could undo his injuries afterwards. More worryingly, I had found my fighting prowess lacking, for when I had faced one of the Hobgoblins, I could not land as little as a single hit, while I was struck in the jaw. Praise Lathander, my neck was protected, otherwise I could have met a grisly end.

What matters is, we won and suffered no lasting casualties, either amongst my Party or our charges. In short order they could get back to their duties. What worried me is the pumpkins I had mentioned earlier. Our scout had eaten some of it and ended up quite disfigured and discoloured, and I could not think of any way I could be of aid. Thankfully some of our Party had gone on a successful hunt and were even kind enough to share with me. Praise Lathander, bless their souls.

Later that night, prior to my watch I had been awakened to help investigate a house, of all things, that had suddenly appeared within the outpost’s vicinity. Honestly I am finding it quite concerning. If a house could materialise in this area out of nowhere, what else could? I had overheard a conversation about some horror residing in here, but by the time I had come to my senses, the house has disappeared. Was it all a dream? A hallucination? Probably nothing worth bothering my Party about. My own watch later was uneventful and so was the rest of the night apparently.

Day #3

I had awoken to Killian greeting some merchant wagon that he had spotted. However, since they mostly dealt in arms and concoctions, I had no interest in their wares. Their merchandise was apparently funky in some way, too.

In the afternoon we were approached by four Goblins and some Fiendish being. The fight was well demanding and yet again I proved ill-prepared. Still, although I could not fight well, I could lend Lathander’s blessings to my Party, even raising Killian to his feet a couple of times. I myself had been affected by a stray magical influence, which made me incorporeal? I think that is the word. It did help to an extent. In any event, we had prevailed, yet again without losses. Killian was so kind as to voice his gratitude for my efforts. It did mean a lot to me at this time, when I was doubting my competence. Perhaps lacking the skill to take a life is not the end of the world after all!

In the evening Killian was so nice as to share with me some of the food he had hunted just earlier. He was even nice enough to prepare it for me in a most tasty manner. I was moved nearly to tears by this generous gesture and it did take me a while to compose myself. My Party did not need to see me a whiny mess, especially if I were to work with them sometime later.

Day #4

In the morning we had learned that our part here is done, for the foreman’s brother – also a foreman, such coincidence! – will finish reassembling the outpost in his own time. At last we could head back to the Town. Yet again we found ourselves rained on on our way there, but by now we had faced worse. Our minds were fixated on soothing our aching muscles with drinks. Something we would need apparently after we had lost path in the rain. Still, with some hustling, we had touched down back in the Town at night.

Thankfully Killian may find a cure for his disfigurement yet. I will have yet to check on him. But first, bed. These last couple days made me miss one quite much.