Tl;dr: Adventurers again guard workers from Port Mirandia as they work on the fork west off the road southwest of Port Mirandia. Sadly one attack kills a few workers, but happily the rest return unharmed. One adventurer was nearly a giant spider’s lunch but was saved before that could happen.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The west fork branching off the road southwest of Port Mirandia has had all scheduled work completed.
•A group of gnomes from Port Mirandia had a Wondercog stolen by a humanoid thief and are offering a reward for its return.
•A warning of a dungeon somewhere that has a ceiling made of blackrock that will drain the life of anyone in the room until they become undead.
•A warning of large creatures called deathclaws, possibly somewhere near the sections of road built.
•Possibly some bandits in the area that have the ring of someone’s grandmother.

Session Title : Emergent Of Orange
Session DM : Geokhan
Session Time : 03 Jul 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

•”Cartographer”, “Chronicler”, “Leader” Barren (Sorcerer 4)
Darius (Grave Warden 3)
Ihnyn (Warlock 2)
•”Trailblazer” Imogène (Fighter 4)
•”Scout” Morningmist (Cleric 2)

We tell Ourselves the story of Our recent adventure

We decide to go finish the road We recently start. There is a light rain when We leave Port Miranda with the same massive storm to the southeast. We find a flock of carrion birds that flew away from a decayed elk corpse on the road in the morning. The Darius entity could not determine how it died, so We continue.

As noon approaches the rain gets heavier, obsucuring Our vision. We later find some fine clothes strewn about the bushes, in good enough condition to use. As We travel and night approaches, it get colder while the rain lightens. We stop at the end of the road previously finished and camp for the night.

During Our sleep We are woken by Vien Ciel the Zombie. As We tried to go back to sleep We hear conversation between the Darius entity and a woman We look to see, who has light garments, two long swords, and a pendant with a soft blue glow. After the Darius entity’s response she leaves saying she was going to go back to her business.

We are woken again this night by the Morningmist entity shouting undead. We are beset by undead, dinosaur birds, some werewolves, that are trying to kill the workers. There is also a larger creature we do not know a word for. While We were fighting another creature steps forward and it’s lantern glows and the only creatures still alive, the two werewolves and it, disappeared. The Morningmist entity thinks he picked up a disease from a wound. A few of the workers were killed.

Lantern holding creature

In the morning, the Morningmist entity looks worse than the night before. A light rain starts Our day, as the workers work. As the day passes into afternoon, the weather gets warmer, picking up a light wind. A troll approaches and speaks. The Darius entity responds. We are told after that the troll was speaking giant, and was inquiring about Our presence and then asked if We had seen Oakmesh. It also came with a warning about large creatures called death claws.

The workers finish their work for the day and night arrives. We camp and Our hunters find enough food for everyone. We sleep but are woken by the Darius entity again because he hears loud moos. We go look and see an aurochs, but behind the aurochs is some scary creatures. The creature harrass Us, especially a three-headed raven, but eventually flee. After the fight the aurochs came closer and We could see that it had a collar with “Veinly” written in common and some other languages.

We corral the aurochs to one of the worker wagons and then sleep. When We wake for the morning We find the Ihnyn entity unconscious by a statue. She requires healing to awaken. She spoke of touching the statue, then the flash of an image. A colossal battle between two tribes of humans, a warning of the return of some creature and a message to follow the blue light. She was then was stricken with immense pain.

We then see the approach of three elvish looking women. We do not understand but with translation We learn that they want their aurochs back and that they were from “The Fangorial Court“. We let the beast go with them, it seems quite happy to do so. The Darius entity then touches the statue with no effect.

We move west as the workers work on the last planned section of the road. The clouds begin thickening over the course of the day. The Imogène entity sees a web covered tower near where the workers are working. We decide to investigate.

As we approach the tower, the Darius entity is grabbed from underneath by a giant spider and other spiders emerge from the tower. The fight was chaotic, but the Darius entity was living when We saw him next, if paralyzed. We find a satchel with two pieces of paper with writing that the Morningmist entity reads aloud. We rest after the fight while wondering what dungeon the paper is talking about.

One paper
The other paper

The workers finish their work on the road. We set camp and sleep until awakened again by the Darius entity that orcs are approaching. The orcs speak common and are on a pilgrimage, south to the river to speak with some merfolk there. They are familiar with the tower. The orcs are quite friendly as they spread into Our camp to eat then sleep. During Our watch We see a star move from north to south the disappear.

With more light rain in the morning, We start following the road back to Port Mirandia. We find a shallow grave that the Ihnyn entity uses magic to read the name “Tayor” in gold leaf, and suggests it might be written in halfing. The rain becomes worse as we get further into the afternoon.

Towards the end of the day, We see a group of gnomes. They say they are from Port Mirandia and are checking around the area, looking for an item stolen from them, called a Wondercog. They are following boot tracks left by a humanoid thief from their workshop and headed out of town but lost the trail.

We ask what a Wondercog is and one gnome says “A Wondercog is a marvelous invention. A clockwork behir, designed to rip and tear enemies asunder”. They only had the one, which took twenty-five years of labour. They do not want to venture further away from Port Mirandia and say they will offer a reward for its return. We ask what a behir is and they describe it.

A behir

We happily agree to let the gnomes travel back to Port Mirandia with us, listening along the way to them describing how they build their masterful machinations and gear works. We have to push Ourselves to make the it back to Port Mirandia. The Morningmist entity does not look good, We hope they he finds someone to remove the disease in time.