Tl;dr: Adventurers protected workers from Port Mirandia working on finishing the road to the southwest and then a fork heading west. A werewolf had the worst and final day of his life. For some of our younger and reckless listeners, the adventurers found some “Pillars of Aging,” should you want to start your adventures early.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The road angled southwest was completed, the road forking west off this road was started but not finished.
•”Pillars of Aging” were found, along with the name “Leonid”. Probably best not to touch them.
•Gnolls were found dead along what is now the road.
•A warning about a great evil in a castle, along with the name Estella.
•Safety Tip : Do not place exploding heads along roads.

Session Title: Venturing Out Into The Island
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Time : 3 Jul 2021 @ 01:00 UTC

•”Cartographer” and “Chronicler” Barren (Sorcerer 4)
•”Scout” Coral (Ranger 2)
Darius (Grave Warden 3) with Vien Ciel the Zombie
Ihnyn (Warlock 2)
•”Leader” Imogène (Fighter 4)
•”Trailblazer” Rockin Rit (Bard 2)

We tell Ourselves the story of Our recent adventure

We are asked by a Foreman Philford to protect the workers finishing a new road southwest of Port Mirandia. We love to help and do not recall ever walking so far that way. We cross the bridge and follow the road. We see way off to the southeast a storm of vast size. The day passes by uneventfully and We camp with a feast found by Our hunters.

We do our watchly duties and sleep peacefully for the night, to continue southwest along the road in the morn. We find an abandoned farm house that the Coral entity declares must be searched to protect the road from danger. We find little of interest and continue along the road.

We find some ancient stone pillars with glyphs on them. The Darius entity says that written in primordial are the words “Pillars of Aging” and “Leonid”. We are too new to be aging so avoid them. We arrive where the workers want to work, but they want to sleep first. We sleep the night peacefully then the workers begin their work.

In the morning the Coral entity finds a pile of corpses, human and gnoll. The Darius entity can apparently talk to dead people. The humans were killed by gnoll attackers about a week ago. The Coral entity mentions that gnolls were known to be in the area of some place called White Moon Cove? but did not know they were coming this far northwest. The Darius entity plays with one of the gnoll heads a bit before We leave.

The workers continue working. The Coral entity sees a few giant orange coloured spheres growing on a tree. We feed one of them to the zombie at the Darius entity request, but he then realizes that the zombie can not communicate what it feels after eating it so eats the other one. We do not notice anything beyond normal food consumption.

The workers continue working. The Coral entity sees a naked man with scratches. We talk to him with mindspeech and he says his name is Warren. He says he can’t remember where he is and believes the gnolls we found were killed by him. He then compliments Us on Our skin before looking at the Rockin Rit entity and saying he never has tried dragonborn before, shifts into a werewolf? and attacks.

Warren did not have a good day We fear. He hurt his arm on his first attack and after was quickly killed while never even hitting one of Us.

The workers continue working. The Coral entity sees a herd of werewolves drinking from the river, before the Darius entity names them as jackals. The Rockin Rit entity bizarrely runs forward and tries to talk to the jackals then stares at them. We have surprise he was not eaten, but eventually the jackals left him. The workers finish and we set camp for the night.

During Our watch, We see a large shape land near the camp, so We wake the sleepers. We seen a large silver coloured dragon who addresses Our group with a greetings and says hs name is Argentius. He talks about how he monitors the area for humanoids like Us to meet. He asks if We would donate hair to his mirror to add Our image to his collection of images. We do so and find looking at Ourself quite interesting.

He further comments that the mirror was a gift from a friend of his named Rhea and then asks Us if we have seen any halflings. We have not, but We will look for some. Argentius then says his farewell and flies away. The night ends peacefully and Foreman Philford says that they have completed this section of road and notes a fork further back that is commissioned for work.

We agree to head for there with the workers and have an uneventful passage. The workers want to wait to morning to start working, so we camp. Our hunters failed Us today so We had to eat a ration. We sleep wonderfully though.

In the morning as the workers work, a trader caravan lead by a halfling merchant comes by. We make various trades and ask them if they know the dragon Argentius. They said they have heard of him but do not know him. The caravan leaves and the workers work. After noon the Coral entity sees some dinosaurs to the south. We elect to not disturb them. Next the Coral entity perceives some ruined walls. We discern the walls were made by orcs and have not been in use for decades.

As the workers finish for the day we are approached by some orcs shouting what We assume to be orc. Eventually through magic the Rockin Rit Entity discerns they are are angry at whomever placed an exploding gnoll head along the road. We point to the Darius entity. Infuriated by Our attempts to respond in several languages they do not understand they attack. A fierce battle erupts. The Coral entity twice tries to subdue the orcs instead of kill but then the Coral entity nearly dies. Vien Ciel the Zombie dies? but We prevail.

The Darius entity talks to the dead orc priestess. He says the orcs were a scout party from the Skull Hater tribe, that there are more scouts, and they definitely attacked because of the skull trap.

During the night, We spot an odd looking elf slowly approach. He greets and introduces as Oakmesh. He was reading the stars and they came with a vision of a great evil gathering in a castle to the east. He brings warning to Us to share with others. The name Estella came with the vision. The rest of the night was peaceful.

In the morning Foreman Philford declared the workers were due for a longer rest, so We accompany them back to Port Mirandia without incident.