DM: @Geokhan


Horace (Sorcerer 3/Cleric 1) [@Mountain Lord]
Mike Sky (Monk 2) [@D20 NERD]
Murdrum (Sorcerer 2/ Warlock 2) [@Drewid]
Ander (Paladin 4) [@Waylander322]
GarGot (Druid 2) [@Tim]
Julijonas (Bard 3) [@RedIron]

Disclaimer: The events happened in this log seemed to be at first very standard though maybe a bit exciting to me. However, events and circumstances changed in rapid succession recently so I will try to try to provide many details as I might not understand the importance of everything as of now.
To avoid wasting too much time of this logs readers I will try to divide it into a few clear sections.

To summarize the events in a nutshell I have to tell you that a key to a tomb was given to an adventuring group which led to me and my party investigation this. We found the Tomb of Hoffelmien Builder of the Forge. At least that was the writing on top of the door to the tomb.
In this tomb we found four books that detail some of the measures taken to hide and defend the Winter of the Forge. If you are interested consult the section further below.
At the entrace of the tomb we were stopped by Talos dwarves. Unfortunately their leaeder was able to teleport away and we couldn’t find him afterwards.
At the end of this log I’ll try to give a brief overview of the events that happened the next few days after we reached Port Mirandia.

Section 0: A rumbling on the road

 As we are walking down the road to the tomb we sense a low hum in the area. I have experienced this before and some members of my party as well. A warning is shouted to not cast magic as the weave of magic itself appears to be unstable in this area. We also feel the ground shaking. It was roughly half a day worth of travel away from Port Mirandia when we were just traveling on the road. Maybe we would need to begin marking down where this effect is seen so we would be able to detect any pattern if there is one to be found?

Section 1: Talos Dwarves outside of the entrance to the tomb

 We arrive near the base of the hill where the tomb is located. As we arrive there we notice a group of dwarves who are armed and seem to see intruders in us. Without any further chance of diplomacy we are being attacked by them. They fight us in a fanatic fashion not willing to give in or yield and shout phrases that mentions Talos. Unfortunately we are not able to prevent their leader to escape with the use of Dimension Door if the mages we have with us are correct. We are unable to find the leader nearby and decide to take a short rest at the top of the hill to not be trapped inside if any reinforcements of the Talos dwarves are nearby.
We don’t make out any further movements in the area that would hint in any way towards the presence of more dwarves.


Section 2: Entering the tomb of Hoffelmien

 As we open the door with the three pronged key we are met with a strange, very damp and very stale air. As we look in it there is no light to be seen. There is a natural passageway of about 10 feet that appears to get wider further back.
Further in the back we find a cave and an underwater stream. GarGot moves ahead and attempts to investigate further to the left when he steps near a plant that gives off a fiery explosion which appears to be an attack as the plant is still there afterwards.
In the following fight we have trouble damaging the plant as it is not harmed by my greatsword nor torch and the venom of GarGots spiderform appears to have no effect on the creature. We have some success with magic and radiant energy though.
There are more plants like this in this cave and we are also somewhat surprised by translucent creatures that resemble a hybrid form of crocodile and centipede. In this fight we likely could have lost a member as the crocodile beasts seemed to attempt dragging some of us into the water but were prevented by the restraining webs of GarGot.
After the fight we decide to take a long rest close to the entrance of the tomb.

After we got some good sleep in this rather unwelcoming environment GarGot wishes to scout ahead in his spider form. He is assisted by the magic of Julijonas who makes him invisible. Soon after GarGot heads of we hear some noises in the distance and decide to move further in the cave. The noise subseedes soon. After a short while we notice some sort of rumbling in the cave.
Looking around an adjacent room to the large room with the 4 pillars in it we see a large crature with a circular base and several legs. It appears to be lashing out at something we can’t see.
Further back to the bottom left in the cave we find a book t hat doesn’t show anyhthing odds with my paladin senses. The book is picked up and the writing seems to be in dwarvish.
investigating further we find some snake like fire creatures which attack us upon sight. We continue with the exploration of the southern part and find a small room with a grate in it that has a pouch of coins under it.
Mike appears to have wandered off to find some sort of frog which seems to be of high importance to him.

In the room further upwards on the left side of the tomb we encounter a group of spirits os some sort. They ask us what we are doing here and who send us. We let them know that we were given the key and provide the names of Nostel and Duririmore who are descendants of Hoffelmien. The spirits seem to accept that and leave us alone.
In this room appears to be an altar as well which Horace puts some blood of him on based upon the instructions he found in one of the books.
In the room further up we see some light coming from 2 statues. To the south of the room is a table with a plate on it and some parchment as well as some cards. The parchment appears to be a scroll upon furthr inspection. In the middle of the room is a red cloth which we move to see what is under it. Besides dust bunnies we can’t see anything and put the cloth back in its place.
Worth noting in this room is a skull that appears to be enchanted by some form of magic.

Over all we are able to find a total of four books in this tomb that are labeled volumes 1 through 4.
Other rooms in this tomb include one with a rusty form of a chainsaw trap that has old pieces of bodies and various equipment as well as lots of blood stains on the ground. Upon further investigation there is nothing worth noting in this room.

We also find a room with a single statue in it. There is a picture of a dwarf with mountains in its background as well as a citadel depicted in it. Below the picture it says “The forge, my greatest creation”. Besides that there are only mechanical parts in here.

Next to the main room with the 2 statues was another room with additonal plant creatures. We didn’t press through this room but GarGot might have been in this room in his spider form. There didn’t seem to be anything of importance in that direction upon checking with him.

 Section 3: The 4 books we found

Volume 1:
The Citadel of the Forge will be the mightest one yet. The construction pushed the limits of waht the councle would allow. That does not mean that there are not a few special tricks to it that they do not know about.
I have attuded the Green portal to the word “Iron Striker” the left one and the right two should slow them down some, in case someone is messing there that should not be.
While the Green is the easisest to reach, access the other three should prove difficult for outsiders. As they would have to attune to each of the outside dials to access them.

Volume 2:
I design a very complex lock down procedure in case the Forge Citadel must be abandoned or there were not enough Dwarves to properly protect it.
This will activate all the traps that I have worked so hard on. I only wish I could be there to see them in action, but that might be a little on the morbid side. So I really hope they never have to be used.
The Korvett Generator should take care of anyone trying to fly up past the first floor. And the Gravity Well will give those trying to enter in by teleportation magics a very nasty surprise.
The Distress beacon will warn all the dwarves that a breach of the defenses is being attempted. The MK Fully Automated Reactor Transmitter should be visable for ten’s of miles.

Volume 3:
The outer alter that much that must be attuned to are located around the corners of the forge. I was able to alter the landscapes to make it difficult for interlopers to readily access them with out the help of the garrison.
Any attuning to them would need to place a drop of their blood on the alters and speak “May I Please com in” in the Dwarven tongue. This will of course allow access in to the appropriate door as well, since they asked nicely.
I wonder how well any interlopers would fair against one of my special guards. I have attuned Darkhelm to eb a most formitable opponent. MK 2 should pos a rather grusome problem as well.
JU TIPVME CF FBTZJG UIFZ CSJOH B EXBSGTUPOF [log author’s note: This last part could not be deciphered]

Volume 4:
Control of the Forge will be the key to reopening the great hallways to the south. I just hope that the denizens of the underdark have not claimed those passage ways.
I have taken the blue path and have seen its light. Alas I fear I will not be ablte to view the great library of the Tabaxi, Garden of Flowers seemed to be such a nice guy. Oh how this land has changed even in the short time of a few centuries we Ironstriker dwarves have been here.
Well the nice thing is if anyone did manage to attune to all the alters and activate all four of the shrines, they would still need one last piece which would be I think impossible for any one other than an Ironstriker.
With the special pact with the Khendra the final piece will be hard for those to accuire if the lock down takes place. Placing it out in the desert like they have done shall surly keep it safe, but darn those fies are so pesky.
Khafra eye watches from on high, let us pray that it does not come tot that.
In case I have to go back, I made some notes. Left 3, Right 2, let us hope that the Stone Tablets remain undamaged and let him that sleep remains o. Beware the traitors. The Priest will send you to the correct location if you enter the correct symbols.


Section 4: Events to be mentioned in Ruined Oak

Nostal and Duririmor are contacted and shown the books.

Upon seeing them Duririmor says that Hoffelmien must have been to the place in the desert and that these books contain information how to get there. He then points to the last page of the book.
He asks about if the adventurers investigation the tomb have actually seen the tomb stone of Hoffelmien which is answered with no.
Upon mentioning the Talos dwarves to Duririmor he is very alerted as it is very important that the Talos dwarves don’t find the Forge Citadel or entrance therein.

Talos is a god of destruction and his followers are a blight and abomination on the land and every creature therein.

The original base of operation for the Talos dwarves was in the mountains where Rehope is located now. They took to the underdark after they have been driven out. In the past the Talos Dwarves have helped out the Gnolls in the Tempest Plains far to the North of Rehope. That would put the plains Northeast of Ruined Oak. They also sough after the Torton stone, which is a weapon of great destruction. Fortunately they were stopped in that matter.