DM: Calmseeker

Aodh played by RCB
Peren played by Jlesq
Kadar played by Wade
Barley played by Tootired78

Hearing of trouble at a nearby farm, a group of us set out to solve the issue. The farmer had been plagued with the robbery of the golden fleece of his sheep, apparently by a dragonborn. We followed some tracks from the farm near Ruined Oak, coming upon the sight of the lovely Asparas, the Monk Druid of the Monastery of the Rushing Stream. She agreed to help us on our journey and we continued along Honor’s Trail southward to a cottage, where we found carriage tracks. Upon reaching the edge of the swamp, just west of the Rotmoor, we came upon a group of hooden, small humanoids as well as a larger humanoid that turned out to be the Dragonborn Borahan, the fleece stealer. Many of the Kobolds tried to escape in the battle following our meeting, but they were unsucessful in escaping, and we slayed each one.

Once the dust had cleared, we saw a note and map within the grasp of one of the Kobolds, a formidable wielder of a poisoned knife, seemingly the leader of the bunch. The note read as follows:

The shrine is running low on supplies. We must hurry to deliver these supplies quickly. We met a dragonborn bandit the other day. We saved him from an adventurer. He will serve as a good bodyguard for our carriage. Our Master Grimace will be pleased. Hopefully…

The map, showing a trail that upon further research, leads to the lair of the Black Dragon Grimace

Interestingly, the path seems to suggest a presence of their forces in the south end of the swamp. Further intelligence would be required to ascertain the validity of this conjecture though. With the fleece freed from the clutches of Grimace’s minions, we returned home along Honor’s Trail. On the way back, we came upon a small wooden staff engraved with another message, though we couldn’t make out many details about how it may have gotten there.

Cynthia X Steven. Celebrating 10 years of love.

I jammed the staff into the ground, standing straight up near the road, in honor of whoever may have lost it. We additionally saw a face among the clouds, and not long after experienced a small earthquake not far from Ruined Oak that opened up a crack in the earth below. Someone should probably look into those events at some point, but otherwise there isn’t much to say. I’ll have to visit Asparas at the Monastery sometime soon to thank her for her company though.

-Shaman of Suffering, Aodh