DM: Waylander Date: 7/20/2021

Party: Katla 3 (Arden), Silk 2 (Ben), Aodh 4 (RCB), Eagle 4 (Voidsearcher)

I, Katla Gyrdottir, and several compatriots set out to explore a mysterious hole we had found. Several of these people were known to me, Silk and Aodh, but there was one new individual, a person named Eagle. An elderly man with a wooden sword he seemed reasonably competent.

We set off for the outpost (1) west of Ruined oak to stay the night, then the next morning go to the hole (2) which was nearby to the northeast. We came across a strange deer carcass on the way, it seemed to have had its neck bitten out by something the size of a bear but no other part was eaten. The blood was not drained so it is not likely related to vampire trouble near Port Mirandia. We set out the next morning and went down the hole.

The first room we came upon had a ten foot wide hole that descended a far distance vertically and another tunnel leading out the far end. As we moved to leave we were accosted by creatures that had disguised themselves as stalactites. Their method of attack was to wrap around the head and suffocate their target. We fended them off and went forward.

After some distance we came to a large room with a river flowing into a lake. Not including the tunnel we entered from, their were three tunnels leading from the lake cavern. We headed down the one immediately to our left. After a lengthy walk we came to a room with a large chasm in the middle of it. There was a stone bridge that crossed it but there was a deformed giant of sorts on the other side. It spoke little common but repeated the word “Tribute”. After some work we learned that the tribute he wanted was food. We gave it some food and were allowed to pass. We passed by a cavern with webs and giant spiders but we bypassed it. Further in we came to a massive cavern that was very impressive. At least a mile across, a large mushroom forest existed in this cavern with a variety of saurian animals moving around. It was late in the day so we made camp in the forest. We were attacked by large saurian animals in the night which we promptly killed and harvested. There were several other tunnels leading out but we decided to head back and explore other tunnels leading out of the lake cavern.

We went to the next tunnel in clockwise fashion. We headed down this tunnel and it got hotter and hotter. We came to a magma chamber with a tunnel on the far side. There were also a number of tunnels crisscrossing beneath us but still above the lava. As we head across the room large insect like creatures come from the tunnels below. We were in a dire situation, death seemed a likely end to this journey. Due in no small part to the personal bravery of Aodh, we were able to escape, myself included. Unfortunately over the course of the fight a very large creature, presumably the leader, attacked us as well and burst through a tunnel wall. This let it reach Eagle whom it killed. We fled, bloody and defeated.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, or at least compared to what happened, it was to me. It is my desire to return with more people and clear that room and possibly recover whatever is left of Eagle’s body.