Tl;dr: Some of our adventurers decided it would be a good idea to survey the newly discovered ZHT portal region. This group decided to go west. They found some abandoned homes, and the edge of the icy forest, beyond which was a forest in the full bloom of spring. Further west they found a cozy beach, maybe one day to become a prime vacation spot, who knows!? Happily, all the adventurers survived.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Many places of interest went unexplored. A webbed forest, two caves and a frozen windmill.
•Humanoids shapeshifting into wolves, a dozen in number, were examining the ZHT portal and immediate area.
•There was an orc logging camp that was not interacted with.
•A heavily armoured orc was seen but not interacted with.
•Cold weather clothes and food are advised to be brought to the ZHT area.

Session Title : Chapter 13 Looking For New Places
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 16 Jun 2021 @ 16:00 UTC

“Cartographer”, “Chronicler” Barren (Sorcerer 3)
Brekker (Fighter 1/ Rogue 1)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 4)
“Leader” and “Trailblazer” Imogène (Fighter 4)
Kirnis (Warlock 3)
“Scout” Martineth (Wizard 2) with Galen the Familiar

A remembrance of Our recent adventure

We were asked by Imogène to travel through a portal to explore new places. We love exploring and seeing new things. We find the weather today most pleasant. We leave Port Mirandia and go to the temple nearby. Imogène takes the FOT stones, places the ZHT stones, and a portal opens in front of Us. We go through and We found the experience painful, but the Martineth entity almost dies. We rest while he recovers.

We find the weather here very cold, and it is snowing? We do not like it at all. We go southwest, then west, then west again. We find a ravine here that goes north to south. Imogène makes Us cross the ravine. We climb down one side with rope and pitons and climb up the other side. The Martineth entity slips and falls and almost dies again, so We end up dragging the Martineth entity up the other side.

Traversing the ravine took time and a blizzard? is starting so We camp here. While We setting up camp, the people trying to find food found some, plus a small building. They came back to suggest We go see if We can get shelter from the storm better there. We break down what We have set up and go to it. We approach the building and see no signs of recent use. We find the door unlocked and the inside stripped of anything usable. We see no food or no fuel, and it seems like weeks of disuse.

We start a fire and vastly appreciate its warmth. We decide to sleep the night here. We sleep in the bed until our watch. The snowstorm rages on during the night, but nothing disturbs Our rest.

We go west. We find a broken down carriage with no horses, with three human bodies inside. They were all but skeletons, the meat eaten from them. We found nothing else of interest here.

We continue west and find an abandoned farmhouse with a barn. We see that the last tenants took time to cover the windows with wood and clear out the barn. We think they knew they would not be back for a long time, seems like weeks since anyone was here. The Martineth entity finds a snow-covered gravestone for a “Susan Windshield, Beloved Mother and Wife” who died seventeen years ago.

We go west. As We travel, the weather changes from cold winter to warm spring. We go west again, and find a forest blooming in full spring. We see some deer tracks and seeing its late in the day, We camp for the night. During Our fourth watch, We hear thumps on the ground and see a large bipedal reptile with short arms. We wake everyone and hide in the bushes until it eventually leaves the area.

We try to go west, but get lost and find Our old campsite. We notice the tracks of a very large and heavy creature with clawed feet. We successfully go west and look up to see a large bipedal reptile running towards Us. Someone names it Tyrannosaurus. We have to fight and We kill it.

We go west and find the forest becoming plains, and a cave opening under a hill. In the name of surveying the land we decide to forgo exploring the cave. We go west and find a coast. There is a beach and we can see off in the distance some dolphins. We rest for the night here. During the night some ogres notice Our camp and attack. Those ogres were unprepared for the might of Our mind and We defeated them.

We travel northeast, finding a grassland area. We see a heavily armoured hobgoblin but we ignore him, feeling our survey of the land being paramount. We will notify others of his presence. We continue east through more grassland, undisturbed.

We proceed east and the grassland continues. We see some large beasts, grazing, named aurochs. Eastward movement continues and the grassland starts becoming forest again. We find an abandoned hut, with a burned out roof. We sleep here as the night has arrived. During Our watch We see a half-elf female riding a horse with urgency in a westward direction, seeing her urgency we elect not to bring notice to Ourselves.

We advance east, and enter the arctic cold We remember from the Frozen Forest. We carry on east. We see some orcs who have set up camp, working on chopping down trees. The orcs outnumber Us by roughly three times so We decide to evade them.

We walk east, seeing some small hills, with a cave below one. Again We leave it unexplored in the name of land surveying. We go northeast and find frozen wind mill. We camp here and find an elk for food. We have a hard time seeing during Our watch due to the snowstorm that started.

We make Our way southeast, edging along a deeper snow covered forest with webs on the trees. We continue eastward and see a shimmering arch. Knowing We are close to the portal and an end of the day, We leave the arch without closer inspection.

As We come up to the portal, We see tracks have been made in the snow by a dozen individuals, with boot tracks becoming wolf tracks as they leave the area. We saw the tracks circle the portal and think whomever they were was inspecting it for some reason. Imogène activates the portal and We go through. It hurts again, We don’t like those at all. We arrive at the temple by Port Mirandia on a gloriously warm day and go into the town to end this adventure.

Clean version of the map