I, Katla Gyrdottir, as well as many others set out to assist a farm with a kidnapping. Twee, Nalkris, Balthier, Kaldar, Gargot, Cavendish, Zerdan were my comrades. We arrived at the farm to the south of port mirandia and learned that the farmers adult son, an aasimar, was kidnapped by some undead creature. We tracked them to the south west across the river. We followed the road, taking the west road to the area where I had a run in with an orc that was eating travelers. We made excellent distance due to Twee and his skill. We camped for the night with an important encounter.

In the night we see a black carriage nearby, one I recognized as belonging to Earl Sitaris. After some conversation we learn that the Earl had lost a powerful undead, an archmage turned into a wight. We generally agreed to leave the wight for another time and focus on the kidnapped victim.

We went further and came across a researcher, named Rochutte I believe, who was studying some pillars. He was searching for information on something called the fountain of aging. This man had been making items that replicated the effects of the fountain, items that aged you. I had run across one in a field that aged me a year or two. Gargot decided to smash on of the pillars down, things went badly and Gargot was aged some by some sort of mist that came out from the pillar. We continued the hunt and crossed another river.

We find a ruined house with a path going underground. Nothing good ever comes from going underground but we were following the tracks and we needed to save the civilian. We headed under and eventually find the farmer’s son. Near him is the mad mage we learned was involved with the wight mage escaping Sitaris’s hold and the wight mage itself of course. Nothing good comes from being underground and this reinforces this idea. Combat breaks out as we moved to rescue the victim. Demonspawn appeared on the far side of the room. Twee and Zerdan fired upon the mad mage while Gargot transformed and closed in on him. Me and Cavendish moved in on the wight mage, flanking him. The fight was harsh but we managed to win with no one ending up dead making it a great success to me.

We headed home having rescued the victim. We ran across Sitaris who rewarded us for dealing with his wayward minion. We reunited the father and son and headed back to port mirandia.