Tl;dr: Group of adventurers go clear the Blackfoot Inn of a black kobold presence. On the return journey they investigate some missing pumpkins, leading to a fight with the dangerous Pumpkin Lord. All adventurers survived.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The kobold presence around White Moon Cove continues to diminish.

Session Title : It’s the Great Pumpkin.
Session DM : Calmseeker
Session Date : 23 Oct 2021 @ 00:10 UTC

Barry (Fighter 5/Cleric 3)
Gau (Druid 9)
Katla (Fighter 8)
Nalkris (Warlock 8) with Avarice the Familiar
Nog (Fighter 8)

Barry think about adventure from few week ago, Barry not sure how well remember

Barry and group asked by monk from temple, or maybe hear from someone else that Blackfoot Inn near White Moon Cove occupied with small kobold force, small enough to be removable. Barry and group set out. Meet Farmer Brown at a farm on way. Take many day to travel overland. Barry remember one morning waking up to discover nearby shrine. Barry and group think shrine evil. It radiate bad magic. Psychic Katla set trap off with mind, no one hurt. After, Barry and group break shrine down.

Barry and group see flying kobold as Barry and group approach Blackfoot Inn. Barry shoot down. Kobold have note mentioning destruction of gift kobold make for Lord Grimmys. Barry happy to have destroyed shrine.

Barry and group approach Blackfoot Inn through bush. Try be sneaky. Barry not great at sneak but try. Barry and group find hole in palisade on east side. Barry sit quietly as group talk about various attack scenario. Bird Avarice spy inside. Eventually Barry and group make plan. Hob Nog and Psychic Katla will fly over palisade while Barry, Druid Gau and Raven Nalkris rush through hole. Fight happen, Barry and group win! One kobold strong enough to make wall of thorn. Barry and group search Blackfoot Inn, not find much. Not knowing next visitor Barry and group retreat west.

The Blackfoot Inn

Barry and group go through forest to avoid kobold patrol. Look for Hobgoblin Blood Eye clan, find some. Warn them that kobold might seek retaliation for Inn, then begin return to Ruined Oak. Barry and group pass by Farmer Brown again. Farmer Brown say many pumpkin missing. Barry listen while group talk with Farmer Charlie Brown. Barry bored, but it possible pumpkin ran away which Barry think might be fun to see.

Barry and group try to follow pumpkin track, find blanket that have firework under. Barry and group come upon a group of travelers. Barry listen while group talk. Traveler not see pumpkin. Some of group play game with children. One child, girl L name Von Pelt, Barry not remember, unhappy Hob Nog kick football. Boy child claim blanket as own. Barry not care for children and wait for group to finish.

When group finish Barry and group keep look for pumpkin. Trail lead to old house with old woman. Old woman crazed, think Barry and group not as seem, like Barry and group in costume. Old woman give Barry and group candy, Barry like candy. Psychic Katla got rock. Old woman say lost big pumpkin, it ran way. Barry and group let her know that if found, will return, then follow pumpkin trial.

It get dark, trail go stale, Barry and group camp for night. One watch wake everyone, see pumpkin running along ground. Barry and group capture pumpkin, but it not talk. Barry and group still tired, decide to try to follow pumpkin in morning. In morning, pumpkin not move. Barry and group decide to wait for night to follow pumpkin, resting all day. When night come, pumpkin move, and Barry and group follow to clearing.

In clearing, many moving pumpkin. Also a very large pumpkin who talk. Claim to be Pumpkin Lord, and want to get Barry and group soul. Barry and group fight for life and soul, Barry and group win! All pumpkin smash sadly.

The Pumpkin Lord

Barry and group try to find old woman, but can not. Find Farmer Charlie Brown who sad pumpkin smash but happy Pumpkin Lord smash. Farmer Charlie Brown give Barry and group pecan pie. Barry think who adventure worth trouble. Barry and group return to Ruined Oak.