DM: Calmseeker

Players: Kaladin, Horace, Konopa, Marcus, Logain

We began our journey traveling south on the Hunters Trail, the journey to the workers was mostly uneventful besided coming across a stone well that the entire group drank from. We were all granted the power to cast Freedom of Movement for 2 hours; we then continued to travel without much resistance.

Kaladin notices a man that looks like he survived a battle. The man randomly appeared while we were sleeping. His name is Hendrickson and he survived a battle against Ogres and fled through Small Folk Forest. Hendrickson said that he is a Druid from the Winter Court, located west. He was exploring the Small Folk Forest to see what other fey creatures are out in the south east area before getting attacked by the Ogres. Hendrickson also went on to say that two of the biggest courts are the Winter Court and the Summer Court which are both located in the Small Fork Forest.

We were able to make it to the workers that have been waiting for us to continue working. Philbert, the leader of the workers, told us that they ran into issues with a cultist group but they were able to run them off. He mentioned that they can still be a threat and asked us to protect them as they worked on the road. A few hours working on the road we noticed a couple of small rats with large brains spewing out of their heads. Not knowing what risk they may bring to the workers in the future, we decided to get rid of them quickly.

Philbert, wasn’t sure about the rats because he mentioned that he might have seen the rats with the cultis when they attacked them before we got there. Knowing that we decided to keep a look out for cultists in the area, as they could be anywhere and attack us at any time. 

The group noticed a few tools on the side of the road, not knowing what they were or who they were made by Logain reached down to pick them up and was hit with a magical force that caused some psychic damage. The group later told him that those tools belong to a great craftsman who imbued his tools with magical powers, Rashuto the Mage of Ages. Leaving the tools on the ground the group continued to work on the road, they then came across a pillar with a note left behind saying “I am so fucking tired of this crappy map. Where the fuck am i supposed to go? This is the last time I listen to you for travel advice, Brenda!”. We opted not to investigate who Brenda was or where they may have gone since our goal was to make sure we protected the workers. 

Soon after we passed the pillar we came across an adventuring group led by a man who was able to tell people their future/fortune. His name is Hawkins the Diviner, he was only able to tell the likelihood of something happening by pulling a card from a deck of cards. They were traveling back to their post. We exchanged a few words and they were able to tell our fortune, which his predictions were some of which we expected. 

As we continued building the road, we came across the group of cultis that Philbertand the workers fended off. The cultist didn’t put up much of a fight and we were able to dispose of them. 

We had to retreat once many of their workers were killed to Ankhegs, Xorn, and Carrion Crawlers. We tried our best to fend them off and protect the workers but we were only able to protect about half of them. 

For those who are continuing the road, keep a lookout for those creatures. They focus on the workers and resources, so try to protect the workers or give them enough time to flee.

Additional Information:

  • Stone well location
  • Hendrickson the Druid
  • Mountains of the Great Wyrm 
  • Presumed last location of Jadeith
  • We found statues that give off transmutation magic, they also have a script written on them in a language no one knew. 
  • Xorn