DM; Tam
PC’s; Gray, Tabbytha, Amber, Oros, Danivoy
Author; Danivoy
NPC’s; Stu Mickles; Angelica Mickles; her doll cynthia.
Enemies; Knuckle Draggers; Falcon Lions; Goats; Living Ice

Investigated a near by stable, found tracks and a white tuft of hair that did not match the other creatures in the stable. I began to speak with the spirits of nature and hear their whispers. It then came to me, the answer. I heard a hum in the back of my head telling me they were south. I tried to bribe a crow into scouting it out for a good berry but that was a no go.
So and the band of jovial misfits set out to take care of these predators. We traveled for I don’t know, something like six hours before we came upon a spot where I had thought them to be. In doing so one of our own, Tabby I believe, wanted to sneak in a bit closer. They thought they were quiet as can be but you see the knuckle draggers in the trees heard them plenty. They attacked with a swiftness. With eyes freezing you in fear and pounding down on you with heavy slams from both fist. Oros had me feeling invigorated with their divinity, and the rest of us helped. Some pretty keen eyes on our boys when it comes to taking down the enemies.
As we were taking a short rest we encountered a hungry pair of hungry creatures. They had eagle heads and cat like bodies. They really wanted the taste of horse meat it seemed. I don’t know why but it just went in after Rane, Amber’s horse, over an over again. I tried telling them we had food to share, I mean think about it. Getting my very own Falcon lion to ride. The party put them down, they looked very malnourished.
Then before the full span of that thirty minute a herd of goats came. Well you see I spoke to them too, and then I offered them food in return for following me home. We then skinned and carved meat from the animals. I believe one of the party really enjoyed the goats.
and headed back to RO.
We informed the farmer we had took care of the problem. sold some meat to the inn and one of my party took a goat for themselves. Unsettled by the possibility of more Knuckle draggers we went back out and followed their trail for a day of travel. We found their cave and it seemed as though a couple of Living Ice creatures were around and they sure enjoyed the taste of us. The freezing mass kept trying to grab me and was unable all the time but it gave a lovely slap. We cleaned up slept in the cave and went back home. Found me a potion of fire breathing for my trouble, for me when in trouble. A little double trouble.