Visited Ruined Oak. Took a job with a Forest Gnome named Jerime Crawford, a Human named Barry, a female Tiefling named Christian Perkins and a Furbolg named Bloom. Orc hired us to recover stolen recipe for ale at illegal Kobold still. Headed to Whisper Woods across Lake of Songs. Followed road south to bridge after Bloom get us lost waste whole morning. We camp at night get attacked by animated armor immune to normal weapons but vulnerable to fire. Armor speak in Elvish “The Shadow Courts will grind your bones!” Perhaps golem type creature created to patrol lands owned by the Shadow Courts whoever they be. Peren think they be evil Fey live in Whisper Woods. Animated armor kill Stonks before defeated. Follow shoreline north and find runoff. Follow runoff to cave with Kobolds and still. Killed some Kobolds others got away with recipe. Ale being “brewed” in nasty conditions and stored in muddy pool. Very unsanitary! Returned to Ruined Oak without incident.