DM: @Jacksus


 Cedric (Fighter 2) [@Waylander322]
Jelo (Cleric 2, Sorcerer 1) [@Drewid]
Destiny (Sorcerer 3) [@Troy]
Julijonas (Bard 4) [@RedIron]
Cha’ska (Barbarian 3, Wizard 1) [@TempyVixen]
GarGot (Druid 3, Barbarian 1) [@Tim]

Summary for the impatient

– We go back to the cave where Landra and some goblins have been living
– As suspected we find the goblins in various undead states
– The shaman of them Landra escapes
– We found a magic circle of some kind and a possible skull door that we couldn’t open

Heading out of town
We start our adventure on a beautiful day and travle out into a landscape that is blanketed in white. A little outside of Ruined Oak we have  a weird sensation and someone shouts a warning to not cast magic while it lasts.

Further outside we find a camping family with some tents and wagons set up. They ask about adventurers who are willing to go on a quest for them. Asked for their names they say that they are the Kovachis. In return we can then tell them that a party has already formed for that quest and will get back to them within the week.

Traveling further down the road we find som raspberry bushes and finally the decaying remnants of a broken wagon. It is splintered and the ice begins to freeze over it. According to the group and the logs this was the location where the wagon was found at during the last rescue mission.


Getting closer to the cave
As we are close to the bearcave and have to leave the road GarGot takes the lead and guides us to the location. There are no footprints to be seen getting closer to the cave. In the vicinity of the cave entrance there is a figure that wears a camouflaged cloak.
Upon yelling to that person we don’t see any reaction. Cha’ska goes to the guys and checks upon him. She notices that he is clearly dead and frozen in place. There are claw wounds that may have been done by a small creature aboout 3 feet in size. Potentially a humanoid.
To prevent the corpse from rising again the head is severed from the body and burned before being burrowed.


Wild magic near the entrance
At the entrance of the cave we stop as GarGot notices some leathery sounds coming from the entrance. We are attacked by some undead goblins in various states of decay shortly after.
One of the goblin has very long claws at its fingers while another is able to take a deadly blow just to rise immediately after that again to continue fighting. I am not that great in determing the different types of undead but I have the theory that these undead goblins were not all the same.
In the middle of the fight we then have somewhat of a complication as literally out of nowhere a werewolf falls from the sky. Must be one of the side effects of the wild magic surges of Destiny?
However we were able to disposes of the goblins and GarGot grappled the bear. After some magical empowered words from Julijonas the fight ended as the werewolf turned back to his humanoid form. Now out in the snow was a man that was clearly not dressed for this kind of weather.
He received a piece of cloak from Cha’ska before heading away only to vanish moments later. The effects magic can have are clearly wild…

Entering the cave
After investigating the corpses we find a strange tattoo on each of the goblins. I think I have seen something in the previous log for this cave. We identify some of them to be zombies, but not all of them as instead of rotten flesh they have dried leathery skin.
At the entrance of the cave are lots of bones, gnawed and clean and lots of blood is to be found on the ground. Some of the bones in this pile might be from a bear but it is hard to tell.
Before entering we take some time to rest and Julijonas wants to check upon GarGot who got bitten by the werewolf while grappling the creature.
The cave itself is awful. It smells of death and decay from the first few steps into it.

 The most successful goblin ambush
The cave is large and natural cave with a smooth floor. There is an overwhelming scent of decay and blood.
Everything is deathly quiet when we move forward. We find some pottery and a large log hanging in midair held by some ropes. This might be the trap that I have read of in the previous report.
From the west we can make out faint whispers and are trying to approach sneakily. Based upon the whispers there are some goblins trying to prepare an ambush on our group.

Soon a leathery goblin runs out only to be met by our counterambush. There are a total of 4 goblins and a bugbear in this part of the cave. There must be at least an ogre and a goblin shaman to be found somewhere based on the previous log.

Signs of madness
As we make our way to the back of the cave we stumble upon a horrible sight. There the remnants of an untold number of humanoids discarded as trash. Probably 1000s of dead bodies flung of the 30 feet high cliff.
Stumbling back we decide to go to a different part of this cave and are determined to find this shaman called Landra.
In the next room we find another cliff that goes up and are helped by GarGot who shoves down a ladder that was lying on top of it. We are then in some sort of throne room as there is a large stone throne that looks very old as well as drawings of blood found in this room. The the far end is a huge goblin camp which smells very badly. Besides a really busted looking chest we find an intricately crafted iron door at the bottom of a hole of the cave. The eye sockets of the skull on the iron door appear to be holes and there is another circular space in the jaw. Unfortunately we had no time to check if a key might be able to fit in and there were none lying around.
In the room is also a blood circle that Julijonas can link to the lower planes. However it is hard to tell more of it.
We then hear some mechanical sounds from behind us and rush back to see what is happening. 

Facing Landra

Moving back we find some wall moving and revealing an opening that wasn’t there before. We press forward and find a one eyed goblin wearing a rusted chain mail who also sits on an altar of some sorts.  Around her are more goblins in undead states a one armed ogre who appears to be undead and even a human who originally might have been from Ruined Oak.
The goblin introduces herself as Landra, confirming our suspicions. According to her we have managed the test of Doresain and are worthy to join her and our powers shall grow. As she extends some green fleshed hand Cha’ska gives the signal to attack and rushes to the altar.
During the fight there is a magical dark cloud forming obscuring the vision on a stone statue in the back. We also hear rsome stone moving twice during the fight.


Heading back to Ruined Oak
As the fight ends we can’t see any signs of Landra. Looking around in the room we find two levers, one being under the altar that appears to open the wall towards this room and the other being behind the statue that opens a small section of the wall. Behind there is an escape tunnel that leads straight up and that is large enough for a medium creature to squeeze through.
However upon trying to search for Landra in the nearby area we can’t find her and decide to head back to Ruined Oak instead.
Having just outrooted one of the evil lairs in the area our trip back to Ruined Oak is peacefully.
However the question still remains what agenda Landra follows and what role Doresain plays on this island.