DM: Jacksus

Party: Sshateth, Bloom, Yondu, Cedric, Valor

Mission: Construct Yatari Song Road

We left from Port Mirandia and came across a tribal chieftan named Bracksus and his people. He leads the tribe of Lapendi. They are located towards the mound in the what they call the Lapendi plains northwest of Port Mirandia. They were concerned that we were going to take our road through their lands. We managed to diffuse the situation and were able to continue. Bracksus however did let me know that to the west there is a kingdom known to them as the Kingdom of M’hair. It apparently contains many Yuan Ti Purebloods and that it may be something I would find enjoyable. I will have to visit there sometime. As we traveled along the road we were building we found some mounds that happened to contain what I believe are called ghasts. They were quite fearsome and almost managed to overtake us. I was taken down by one myself. I assume the commands given to Ssharp are one of the only reasons I still draw breath. We then continued onwards and set up camp for the night. During the night we were ambushed by what I have read are called Phase Spiders. These spiders blink in and out of existence. They were quite the encounter to deal with but we managed to defeat them.

We set out the next day and ran into a group of barbarians led by a druid of the people known as the Yoras tribe. After a brief skirmish we decided peace was the better route and I managed to broker a deal with these people promising them trade if they would lend us their land to build our road. We then came upon a dock and a mound of disturbed sand by a cliff face on our path. We finished our travel and set up camp by a lodge near the coast. During the middle of the night a man named Daren who is obviously slightly incapable returned to his cabin. We set out in the morning towards Port Mirandia.

Heading back was peaceful. We passed by some of the Tyrant King’s tracks but fortunately there was no sighting. We made it back to Port Mirandia peacefully.