Session date: 12 Feb 2022
DM: Geokhan
Leader – Bardy

Scout – Bardy

Trailblazer – Zoren

Chronciler – Bardy

Cartographer – Gau

I, Katla Realmswarden, and several others set out on a journey to find a man called Rolannmiton for Bardy. The others present were Bardy (Tootired), Gau (Konopa), Zoren (Calmseeker), Nog (Trulhammaren), and Griters (Wade). We set off for the south west of Port Mirandia for the shrine of the Altist.

Only 2 events of note happened on the journey to the area of the shrine. The first night we were hit by meteors from above that bombarded the area and hurt Zoren. It seemed to be caused by some sort of skeletal mage who teleported away after they cast the spell. The other event was we found a twisted body, it had been dismembered and had its limbs reattached turned different ways. The person then managed to stumble a fair distance. We backtracked and found where it came from. Some sort of dumping ground with a one way teleportation circle present. A word, Muldermor, was written in blood on a nearby rock. We decided to focus on our main objective and continue onwards.

A blizzard struck us while we traveled but we eventually came across a child who seemed to recognize Bardy. The child led us to a small camp where we met with a man called Derrick. He said that Rolannmiton had seen a vision of Bardy arriving there. Rolannmiton had already gone to purify an evil tomb and had not returned quite yet. We decided that we would head out in the morning to find him and rescue him if needed.

We entered into a place called the Solan Monastery, a dark and dreary place. There was evidence of various magics including illusion. A few minutes after we entered glowing symbols appeared under me and Nog as various things began to appear. A large monster that seemed to be an amalgamation of skeletons appeared and began an assault. While a threat, it was destroyed quickly due to being flanked by myself and Nog. This however was just the beginning as more creatures kept coming. Several more bone amalgamations squeezed through the hallways, strange crypt bugs, and an odd sort of ooze that could mimic and ignore spells. We continued to hew through them but we were spread out due to our earlier explorations. This lead to us being in a dangerous situation, further exacerbated when we discovered the exit was sealed by what was a wall of force. The place sapped our strength, making it harder to fight, but we pressed onwards. Eventually we came out the victors, through the piles of bodies and hallways of blood. The danger continued though as the place continued to eat away at our strength.

The danger did not last for long as Zoren called upon his God to assist us. It happened in a much more direct way than usual as Lathander, or an avatar of him, appeared in a portal of gold and tapped the floor with his weapon, purifying the entire area. My recollection of events after that are rather limited due to my preoccupation with coming face to face with divinity. I do know that we rescued Rolannmiton from a coffin he was trapped in and Bardy had a lengthy conversation with him. The rest of the journey was uneventful, especially compared to earlier events.