DM: Calmseeker
Session: The Wrath of the Witch
Party – Marcus Wellspring, Zugall, Gritters, Jub, Bardy, Balthier

Winter on this Island bites to the bone, it was another cold day as we set out to fulfill a farmers request.
Upon arriving it was apparent that something drove these bugs to action, in uniform style. No sooner did we lay down camp then we discovered the farmers had been turned into werewolves, I was able to revert them back but not before a casualty happened… I regret to say that I did not act nearly quick enough.

After removing the affliction we traveled south following the trail the bugs left, miles and miles of bugs… I’ve never seen anything like it.

I am happy to say that we sighted a large non-hostile creature which jub happily talked too. This magnificient creature can be seen in the stables, will probably be there for some time as I must train her. Her name is Lucy please be nice, and her skin his harmful to most.

so after making friends we moved on where we answered the riddle of a sphynx .. well Balthier did, and then we proceeded… we found the being known as Jaedith.

The Would be Usurper of the Winter Court Jaedith

A very Helpful Druid of the Winter Court

Current Queen of the Winter Court

Be Safe out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring.