Party: Balthier, Zugall, Jub, Marcus, Griters, Bardy

Mission: Help the farmers

And then, in that regal silence, finally – I began to meditate on (and with) God. – Elizabeth Gilbert

Day 1: Talked to Logan the farmer who a few of us left Nia Macdonald with awhile back after saving her from some werewolves. The farmer mentioned that centipedes were destroying his crops. Jub spoke with a few of them and found out that a witch in the south was telling them to destroy the farmer’s crops. We decided to stay the night and Nia turned into a werewolf and gave the curse to the farmers and children. We fought them but Nia was slain in the battle. We managed to save the rest. The rest of the watch was peaceful.

Day 2: I prepared the burial site for Nia. The family asked if there was a way to bring her back. We mentioned that they would need a diamond and Voromis the Druid happened to walk by and offered to reincarnate Nia. Balthier gave him the tusk we retrieved the other day. Turns out we wont need this hole anyways. We headed out. We set up camp and it was peaceful.

Day 3: We started into the forest. Didnt do anything of note. Tracked the centipedes for awhile and rested.

Day 4: We found Henderson of the Winter Court roaming the forest looking for Jadeith. We solved a riddle that a sphinx gave him in order to go into Jadeiths land. We managed to catch her in the middle of a ritual where she was summoning devils. After a short skirmish we managed to defeat them at the cost of Bardy being petrified. I snuffed the life out of Jadeith myself putting an end to her tyranny. We then gathered our wits and headed back to Henderson in order to inform him of the demise of Jadeith. Instead we met not only Henderson but also the Queen of the Winter Court herself, Cynthianna. We showed her the proof of our deed and she took us to meet this girl named Lucia. Apparently Balthier needs her to meet his daughter or something. Anyways after that we took a well deserved rest.

The rest of the trip was uneventful until we returned to the town. We brought Bardy back to Voromis who we paid to bring Bardy back to his normal self.