DM: Calmseeker

Party: Alessio, Dimble, Dwaff, Orgeron, Rhagor, Jyn

We left Port Mirandia hoping to finally find and kill the wizard called Lord Gauntemort. We had to find and destroy another corecrux before we could destroy the wizard for good. We knew a group of bandits had it. We also knew that the fey in the Forest of Thorns have spotted the bandits and the wizard recently, and therefore visited them first and asked for their help.

The Fey in the Forest of Thorns

When visiting our fey allies in the Forest of Thorns, it is recommended to bring a gift. This time I made two shiny golden apples, that represent power and prestige for them as a gift.

Arriving at the regular meeting spot, we met Oakmesh, Treyvani and Fairgale. They gave us some general information about Lord Gauntemort: they said that he came from a yuan-ti empire to the north of the Tum Tum Forest, and that he tried to take over the cult of Loviatar and the Gilgori Enclave. They told us where to find him and the bandits who held the corecrux.

I got the impression that Oakmesh is very concerned about his brother, Stormwrath. I haven’t heard of anything bad he has done, but when we met him in the past he kept reminding us that we should not stop him from leading the Sori, or he will see us an enemy and won’t hold his actions.

Stormwrath, Oakmesh’s brother

We encountered Stormwrath inside Lord Gauntemort’s cave. He said that he had some business there, though we’re not sure what. He offered his help and took care of some of the enemies for us. He once again warned us not to go against him, but on the other hand he was very helpful.

When we returned from our mission and reported back to the fey, Treyvani asked us when will the fertilizer that was promised to them arrive.

The Fate Bandits

Hawkinns, the leader of the Fate Bandits

The Fate Bandits is a group led by a man named Hawkinns. They use a deck of cards to predict the probability to success. We knew they had the corecrux, and made a deal with them (I’m still not sure that was a good decision, but taking care of the corecrux and finding the wizard was more urgent). We decided to do a non-lethal fight, and agreed that if we win, they’ll hand us the corecrux. We won, obviously, and they gave us a ring. They helped us even more: they told us where to find Lord Gauntemort and who we might face when we arrive. We respected our part of the deal and let them go alive. I hope we won’t regret it in the future…

Lord Gauntemort and His Cave

Two druids guarded Lord Gauntemort’s cave. We killed one and interrogated the other, called Ventius. He became an ally, and decided to join the Pebble Toss Inc. He even followed us back to Port Mirandia.

A riddle was presented to us before entering the wizard’s cave. I think the riddle changes every time, but if you plan to visit there you might want to ask for Rhagor’s and Dimble’s help.  

Lord Gauntemort’s symbol

The fight against Lord Gauntemort was exhausting. Some of us fell unconscious many times, and the fight took most of our physical and magical energies. Luckily, we managed to defeat him and took the last corecrux, that was inside a gem. We destroyed it the next evening. I hope it’s wasn’t too late.

Lord Gauntemort

When we destroyed the emerald, we heard a loud scream and saw the wizard’s face for a moment, and then it disappeared with a smoke and the emerald was destroyed. I hope this was the last time we had to see his face.

The Frost Giants of Utgard

Nifil, the chief of Utgard

On our way back to Port Mirandia we encountered a white dragon, who intended to eat our human party members: Alessio and Orgeron. Before we had a chance to react it was attacked by a frost giant, who killed it and introduced himself as Nifil, the chief of Utgard, formely known as Yotunheim. He said his clan is located at the mountains of the Great Wyrm, south of the Forest of Thorns. I asked him about other news or threats we should know about, and he told us about a black dragon that took over WMC with an army of kobolds.

He seemed friendly and warned that if we ever want to visit the mountains or his clan, we should keep in mind that not all frost giants are friendly, and that there are some white dragons there.

Well of True Seeing

The location of the well

While traveling through the forest we found a well with Lathander’s symbol on it. Drinking from the water grants the power of True Seeing for a while, but the effect is lost if you store the water for later. The water is safe to drink. I think it’s a useful resource and therefore mention it here.