Tl;dr: A group of adventurers set out from Port Mirandia to see if they can determine the origin of a large fire spotted a few days previous. The source of the fire was a goblin village that had been attack by goblin werebats. The goblin village has some shady cult ties but are interested in trading some red stone to Port Mirandia in exchange for sheep. The adventurers explored a cave that contained an ominous sealed door but elected to not open it for change. They were rewarded with a fight with some ropers. Sadly, once again, Friend The Zombie has died. Also a sad story involving a love triangle, death and haunting.

Session DM : Waylander
Session Title : Chapter 09: Finding New Tales To Tell
Session Date : 28 May 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

“Cartographer, “Chronicler” and “Trailblazer” Barry (Fighter 3/Cleric 1)
Eagle (Warlock 4)
“Leader” Gorstag (Grave Warden 4) with Friend The Zombie
Iloxian (Bard 2)
Kirnis (Warlock 3)
“Scout” Zanovar (Warlock 1/Wizard 2) with Who the familiar

Barry and group meet at Potted Plant in Port Mirandia with intent to examine area of fire burning southwest. Barry and group cross bridge and then follow river southeast. Barry and group find fire, maybe new fire on the way to old fire. Barry and group think one fire at a time and leave new fire to find old fire southwest.

Barry and group arrive at old fire area. Barry find many track of goblin feet heading to hill. Wizard Zanovar use Who eye to scout ahead. Say many goblin, some young. Barry and group decide to follow track. Barry and group find goblin/hobgoblin village. Evil Gorstag talk to hobgoblin. Hobgoblin say they have trouble recently, including fire started by many shape-changing goblin when they attack village.

Evil Gorstag offer Barry and group assistance to hobgoblin. Hobgoblin say name Maderon and say Barry and group can stay night at village. Maderon then treat small goblin poorly. Barry not care for that. Barry and group spend time at village and see some goblin treated very poorly and lack food, while warriors are taking more share of food. See mostly goblin young. Evil Gorstag talk with Maderon who proudly say he had dream to gather goblin and create village, to provide servant for Maglubiyet, and that at age 20 goblin tested, those worthy are taken.

Barry and group sleep in provided room, but Barry and Evil Gorstag watch first. Barry and Evil Gorstag see some goblins come in panicked and hear wolf howls about half mile away. Nothing else happen, Barry sleep. Barry find out in morning that there a cave for rituals that should be checked out, roughly one and half mile away northwest and that there is a hill giant roaming the area. Barry and group arrive at area with cave entrance. Barry find roughly five track of goblinoid but the track disappear near cave entrance.

Barry and group examine cave entrance, hear many bat flapping and see one giant bat. Through the entrance after a turn is a large cave room with high ceiling. Barry not sure who, but someone say there are four bats, who seem to be goblin cursed to be werebat. Barry and group are unsure if they hostile and let them fly away from cave. Barry and group proceed through room to another room that has some stalagmite. Barry and group go through this section to find a door with writing on it.

Wizard Zanovar say writing in Infernal language, say warning to not open door, that there is some infernal summoned creature named Mergrdeth locked inside. Barry and group discuss opening door, Leader Evil Gorstag break tie vote to say caution for now. Barry and group start leaving cave but the stalagmite have moved, and attack.

Barry and group fight and win but sadly Friend The Zombie die again. Barry and group rest up after fight, then decide to return to village to ask question. Barry step on dead giant on way back to village. Barry and group realize giant buried standing. Barry and group dig to examine. Giant was killed by something powerful, breaking big bones. Whatever killed giant did not take bag of coin Barry and group find.

Barry and group continue back to village. Talking with Maderon again, he tell Barry and group that we found the wrong cave. He was impressed we came back. Maderon is unhappy Evil Gorstag show interest in their ritual cave and does not want outsider to go there. Barry and group are told the giant is more north of the village and occupies more fertile land. Aside from the giant there are wolves and trolls that roam around this area. Maderon show interest in where we from, and seem to know where Port Mirandia is.

Maderon then inquire about farm animal, say want to get six sheep to replace sheep killed by wolf attack. Will trade red stone. Barry and group say will tell people in Port Mirandia. Barry and group prepare to set out, look north and see a large stone on the highest point of the hills, where giant may be. Barry and group go west.

Barry and group find troll track, and a house nearby. Barry and group investigate wooden house, which has broken roof. Barry talk to Tempus to ask to see magic, Tempus help. Barry see odd trace of magic, like track on floor, unclear what Barry saw. Group go inside when Barry say magic not seem harmful and group find ghost lady. Ghost lady have no jaw, but seem unhappy with Barry and group being inside house and point to door.

Wizard Zanovar not seem to notice Ghost Lady wanting Barry and group to leave. When Wizard Zanovar open door to room further in, Ghost Lady get angry and we fight. Barry and group win. Barry and group find female skeleton tied down in room. Leader Evil Gorstag suggest we bury skeleton, so Barry find nice tree and dig grave for skeleton, then bury it.

Leader Evil Gorstag find letters which detail sad life. Woman married, become mother, then child die. Husband drink more and more, treat woman worse and worse. Woman make new friend, hunter who was trying to hunt bigger and bigger creature. Hunter was six feet tall, brown beard, large shoulder, husband shorter, blond hair less muscular. Last words “hope everything goes well”

Barry and group search house for anything interesting, find some coin, then travel back to Port Mirandia uneventfully to end the day.