Summary: a group of adventurers continues their quest against the fae Master. Half of their group gets put into a sort of memory driven world where they learn all the secrets of Destra’s father. Reuniting Destra and her guards along with the spirit wolf given to her from her mother, Blue Fang. 

Dm: omelette

Date: April 10- April 25


  • Galli- gnome, wizard lvl. 4 (tiff_thatsit) 
  • Beralt– bugbear, blood hunter lvl. 4 (Espada)
  • Xozieg– githzerai, ranger lvl. 2 (jacksus)
  • Raq– githyanki, swordmage lvl. 2 (qarlynd)
  • Slissezh– Yuan-ti pureblood, warlock lvl. 3(the oddity)
  • Rilan– halfling, rogue (KR)
  • Yvalyn– eladrin, warlock lvl. 3 (Cici)
  • Critter-halfling, ranger lvl.2 (hallowman)

Future notes: 

  • 6 cryptics remain
  • Destroying totems inside cryptics weakens the link to the master
  • Cultist with skeletons may need to be looked into- north away from the small folk forest
  • Moved Destra’s tree outside of halfling town- Miltun
  • Some kind of giant monster in a cave deep in the fissures- mission for later


Well, while sitting in the Potted Plant, Merula walks in looking a little flustered! Beralt came.in looking fluffy as usual. After a light chat and a friendly hug with him, I directed my conversation back to Merula. She informed me that there might be a room in the Queen’s castle that was locked and I remembered the sealed door in the throne room. Looking in her books, Merula stated a passage claiming that the Master had locked it to protect his daughter from the specters of his past. Sounds like an intriguing line if you ask me. 

After a squabble with an interesting character named Critter, an alien argument and some magical mending from Slissezh, we gathered ourselves around to get the show on the road.


First night of camp, Beralt and Xozieg got a good bounty for food. We made camp and Beralt and I settled in for the first watch. I worked on my clockwork chicken! During Yvalyn’s watch, you wouldn’t believe who showed up in the woods!! That gnome man and his blue mushroom house; I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I have waited for this moment for so long! He asked about Destra and then went on about his way with Clair, the halfling woman often seen with him. Morning came and we went about our day traveling. 


We set off on our travels and came across a LARGE group of tracks going north, north-west. We headed on our path to Miltun, we ran into the tracks once again as we neared the town. It appears these undead army men have visited this peaceful little town. Right outside town, we ran into a couple of cultists and five skeletons! It was a tough battle but we came out victorious with just a few injuries. 

In town, some locals were planning on leaving while the rest stayed back to fix the town. We discovered from the halfling we spoke to a little about the experience when the undead army went through. 


After a hard decision between the group we decided we would see where the skeleton army came from. When he was following the tracks we found about a dozen fissures, one being very big. It was raining so hard water was gushing into the hole…we needed to wait it out.


We left there and pressed onto our main mission, seeing Destra, the fae queen, and opening that sealed door. When we entered her fortress we found her near a beautiful gazebo with newly planted flower faeries. She got herself cleaned up, we told her our mission and she led us to the door. The door was wrapped in chains that appeared to absorb our magic. It had no handle or lock on it either…it was just magically sealed somehow. Critter came out and told me she had Merula’s blue book for the fae master and she could even read it thankfully! Inside she found a page containing a diagram of the door, a note Merula had written and this inside;

We tried a lot of different things and the only thing that seemed to budge the gems was Beralts rite…Xozieg grabbed the chains and it burned him so badly. We figured out that we had to give our life to open the door…so Beralt, Xozieg, critter, and I all grabbed the chains, taking damage and exhausting ourselves. 

We then took a short rest while Rilan scampered off into the hallway. In one of the rooms, Rilan found a mimic chest and it bit him! The battle was on. The team quickly took care of that.

After we got back to the main round room, we quickly realized that the door we entered had disappeared…there was no way back. We proceeded to go into each door and figure out this next puzzle. We had found a closet, a kitchen, a study, a child’s room, and lastly a broom closet. In the child’s room there was another door and we also found this symbol drawn on the floor. Update soon!


It’s starting to become really weird now as we are stuck in this now and I’m not sure we know how to get out…I’ll update soon! 

Update: The emblem shape is how to navigate that puzzle. We solved it and entered into an interesting room


Update: a lot has happened…..I’m not sure where we are but half of us seem to be normal and half are in some kind of trance. They aren’t responding to us at all and only Xozieg, Rilan, Slissezh and I are interacting with each other. Hold on tight because the rest is a roller coaster! Xozieg and I found a door, we went out of it and the journey began. 


Inside that door there is a table of people…the head of the table we cannot see very well but there are 6 other people there. I recognize all but 1. 


Next door leads out to another spectacular sight leading to another door, upon opening the room is full of odd maps I don’t recognize. There are dials and mechanisms all over and the unknown figure from the table is inside, working. 

Someone else is entering…he talks to her a bit about how he wants to make her his 4th wife. She removed her helm to reveal…Blue Fang in elf form!! I can’t believe it!! It’s really her! The vision ends in them kissing. 


In the next door we opened up;

This door leads to the throne room that we often see Destra sitting in. Inside there are the five guards and Blue. Along with 3 other women and some children; 4 in total (I assume these to be the Master’s other wives and children). Blue then gets noticeably sick…I think she is pregnant. The vision is over with the Master comforting the sick Blue Fang…a door behind the throne appears and we enter it. 


Inside we hear screaming and then nothing. As we enter we see the 3 previous humanoid women (wives) standing there holding a baby. Blue is bloodied and exhausted. She gave birth!! This MUST be Destra. Blue is Destra’s mother!!!! 

As the memory shifts, we see the child’s room. A halfling enters, Blue looks visibly threatened by this presence and reaches for her dagger, which is not there. She is trying to protect her daughter. It appears baby Destra needed to be kept safe…but from WHAT? Or Who…


Through our next door into the memories;

It’s a cave and inside we hear battle cries…there’s a war going on inside. It sounds as though the Master has betrayed them or lied in some way. Blue stabs him with her sword 

Out of nowhere, the blue mushroom house appears and those within join in the fight against the Master. He realizes he’s outnumbered and makes a run for it. Coward.

Scene changes to the room with the floating skulls we’ve seen before, Blue is there and she tries to end him. He opens a portal and she disappears with him inside. She shouts to the people in the mushroom house to protect Destra. And off she went. The old gnome steps into focus and closes the portal completely…we see another door. 


The Master holds a rose ornament over the body of a guard breaking his will and encasing his soul into the ornament. He pulls out a blue rose ornament out and throws it into a fire where the soul within shrieks in agony. 

Fades away as a troll cleans up the burned ash from the ornament and a door opens up after. We enter.


As we climb we see scenes of abuse from Destra’s siblings to her…they were awful to her. 

We hear a voice up here…update soon.

Update: we found this random lady, Rosa…she has been stuck here with no idea how to get out. She came with Cleric, the gnome from before. She explains that they were drawn here after feeling a magical disturbance and somehow her and Cleric got separated and she ended up here.


Rilan had a wolf pendant he found in one of the rooms and it started to give him frostbite; it hurt him really badly. The necklace formed into the exact image of Blue Fang and helped Rilan’s body from the cold. The wolf demanded to see Destra, making sure to tell us he is just a final form but not the actual Blue Fang. He went back into the pendant for us to take to her.

Update when we find our way out. 


We made our way out and regrouped with the rest of our party, it was an amazing reunion!! We reunited with Destra, explained what we saw and told her about the wolf. The five guards and the wolf returned to her to serve her and protect her. I’m so glad to know she is safe, for the most part. 

The tree was very disturbed by all the magic that was happening that it was going to destroy itself but Destra managed to use her incredible powers to align the magics within and we were all safe. I’m not sure what comes of her now but I hope she moves her tree to Miltun to live. 

Off to the fissures for more adventures! Ill update what happens there in my map notes!

Toodle Oo for now! 



We dropped a good distance into the largest fissure to find a cave, down the path on a side path we find a bloody scene! Something has been eating down here. Further in there is a cave with 5 lizard monsters, but mainly…a GIGANTIC hand attached to some kind of huge monster. yet to be seen fully.
Halfling Town:
new location of Destra’s portal tree. she is set up right on the outskirts of town
Last known Mushroom house sighting containing the halfling Clair and an elderly gnome who seems to know everything he shouldnt, Cleric.