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15:00 - 23:55


Level 01-04,
Level 05-09,
Level 10-14,
Level 15-19,
Risk 10 Demon.

Arena Week – The Undeath Tournament

Arena Week 2021

Welcome to Sleeper Island Arena Week 2021
Saturday 23 January 2021 to Sunday 31 January 2021
-Special and fun sessions
-Only Death
-Special Event Rewards

The Undeath Tournament

As is customs the Death shall rise during the final day of the Arena Week in The Undeath Tournament.

It will be a desperate and ridicules battle to gain a bit of time in this mortal coil, they get the opportunity to return to the realm of the living and help the Allied Freeholds of Katashaka.

Restriction: Only Dead Characters
Method of dead: Irrelevant
Amount of deaths: Irrelevant

The start time of 15:00 UTC is a placeholder.
If you have a dead character and wish to see them help the Allied Freeholds of Katashaka again fill in this Time Survey.

The Undeath Tournament Time Survey
Date: Sunday 31 January 2021
Time in UTC
If you got friends with dead characters, make sure they see this!

Returned to Undeath

The character that wins the Tournament will return to “life” by an Undeath curse, with a little get well soon basket of basic equipment.
The returned character does not take up a Character Slot, it has a separate slot that will disappear if the character dies.